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"I want to come back!" But I don't promise to be good...

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  • "I want to come back!" But I don't promise to be good...

    you guys are completely freaking joking, Doc??

    i dont deserve the level of lock out you 're imposing when youre trying to sell yourself of shaolin and buddhism. what 's freaking wrong with this place about sangha??

    considering all the wild and bizzaro crap that iii get to deal with from pepole here who petition me privately to help them about it and 'be with them' in consideratoin of a face on it, that is completely ridiculous. liu's right about bad karma. good luck that i personally dont resort to you guys's emotional states about it.
    no one has ever ever ever aked me for so much. i couldnt begin to tell you.

    even just you being in the cia formely with these wild tales and ventures is completely out of this world to most ppls sense of normalcy. its totally wild stuff for most ppl, i tell you and to deal with more average ppl more closely than alot of you might need to , is waaay way out there of a request line. and yet here i still am working the whole thing with whatever i can muster of my own steam anyway. to not see that sort of stuff as impositional is what brought me back to shaolin in the first place - and all i wanted to do then was get my daughter and myaself away from the garbage. i stlil dont have her back yet and all this other stuff is extra in the path of hers and my freedom . i dont know anyone who 'd done anything like it with that many conscious variables.
    privately, i 'm pretty sure i could probably spit on the very ground.

    i just wanted to attention UWE in regard to the lohan scroll pictures and comment that it looks very different and more obviously a health form by that media compared with interpretive performances of it i've seen before to what i picture its about, which is very cool and something i might use to perform on a world stage myself, literally before too long, for any category, and, as opposed to using other world stage owners versions i've been offered for dues payment. end comment.

    how about you give me my access back? how bad have you paranoically dreamt me to be? i think some of you might be delusioned about it.

    Blooming tianshi lotus.

    p.s. if you cant even let me log in using my 'michelle salt' account, then you shouldnt bother sending me birthday greetings to my email on its merit neither. know me or have the courtesy to disown me properly.

    Michelle Salt.
    Disown her properly. How long have we been trying to do that. Getting rid of genital herpes sores permanently on a Las Vegas stripper would have been easier....

    Well it's all very ironic. With the new forum, I had changed her account status back to active. Last night. Before this was sent to me.

    Don't ask me why. Let the nonsense begin! Again...
    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

    "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

    (more comments in my User Profile)

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