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  • Passing of a Great Grandmaster

    Part I

    WE ARE SADDENED TO ANNOUNCE THE PASSING OF GREAT GRANDMASTER LAI HON KUAI SIFU (Sifu Donald Lai). LAI SIFU DIED ON WEDNESDAY JANUARY 22, 2003 AT 7:00 PM in Foster City California, USA. This is a great lost to all Jing Mo members and to the whole martial arts community.

    Lai Sifu was one of original disciples of the famous saber master. Sun Yu Fung.

    Lai Sifu was the first Hong Kong (then called Kowloon Jing Mo) Jing Mo (Chin Woo) Association Sifu officially sent to San Francisco, USA, to start up a Jing Mo school back in 1929. We are very grateful and honored to have had the privilege of being the recipients of his wisdom and teaching in Northern Shaolin, Northern Shaolin Lo Han, Seven Star Praying Mantis and Pa Kua.

    Our condolences to the Lai family and all his love ones

    Part II
    The service is on Jan. 28 at 10:30 AM at Duggan's Serra Mortuary in Daly City. Sifu Brendan Lai's wife will be sending flowers. We left messages for Sifus Lily and Gini Lau but did not receive any response yet.

    GGM Lai (Donald Lai aks, Li Hon Chia), was a classmate of Shiu Hon Sang, who taught the late Bruce Lee Jeet Kuen and other Jing Mo Sets and Tai Chien, aka, Shek Kin (in Cantonese) who plays the bad guy with the claw hand in the Bruce Lee's movie, Enter the Dragon.

    GGM Lai was born in 1910 and entered the Canton Jing Mo school in 1916. His first teach was Sun Yu Fung (NSL Lo Han) and the other teachers were Chao Lin Ho (NSL), Huo Tung Ko, who was the son of the founder of Jing Mo, Huo Yuen Chia, Li Bun Si Fa (Cantonese) (Hung Chuan), Lo Kwong Yu (Northern 7*Praying Mantis) and Fu Chen Sheng (Pa Kua).

    He was able to witnessed Kuo Yu Chang's demonstrations such things as when he broke 13 bricks with a slap of his Iron Palm, pick a brick in a stack and he'll break just that particular brick and leave the other bricks in the stack unbroken, perform sets such as Cha #4 and NSL #6.

    He was Brenden Lai's and Wong Jack Man's martial arts "Uncle". With his passing, he takes alot of history with him and he will be missed as he is a great lost to the CMA community.

    This was posted on Fu-Ragz and KFO by: Northern Shaolin
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