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Shi Su Xi is dead.

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    no doubt a condition brought on or exacerbated from the abuses heaped on him during the rough years.

    medicine is not miraculous, amazing yes, but whether it's bear claws and snake dick teas or other pharmaceuticals you still pass on and human machinery fails.

    I am just saying that before some fool makes the implication that Su Xi should have been able to heal himself by practicing yi jin jing.
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      thanx 4 those direx rich
      "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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        I was referring more to the diagnosis really. I did read just last night actually that it was u Doc who initially picked up and diagnosed that parkinsons is what it was.
        I just wonder though how if tcm and zen and qigong are all such legitimate practices ( and bearing in mind that I myself do aall of those things and have for years) then how does someone like Suxi fall to an ailment of shot nerves and shaky chemistry ?? ...
        both of those things aare targets of meditation and zen and the bear pee shouldn't even be neccessary at all ... unless u just particually enjoy drinking it ... :/..

        Anyway, I thought about it a while back and even meditated a few times on how that would look for him on his way out and at what stage u let go and keep going.
        I understand that some of u guys have no idea how I come to those conclusions, but that really is my position.
        So what about u then Doc. U had a serious injury a while back and U came through it an found zen to help your recovery. So why did U make it against youur machinery faliure??..


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          Parkinsons is not a disease of "shot nerves and shaky chemisty". There are many components to its cause; genetics and head trauma being two of them, along with, no doubt, other environmental causes.

          Practicing gong fu all of your life is just not going to prevent all disease states; in fact, it may predispose you to some. That, is for another thread. As is my story, which I have not really gotten into.
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            Okay. So i don't really know about the disease. The reason I referred to shot nerves and chemistry is because from what i can tell, parkinson's is a progressive spread of dying brain cells causing motoring difficulty aand from what I've just read now, is usually related to pathagenic influence in the vessels and dopamine production and so effects the nerves that way. .. I can see how a trauma would do the same thing aand how certain genetics would cause a prediposition to weaking of those vulnerable areas ...... ( and a really good look at some pressure point stiking viabilty btw ).
            Anyway, I guess parkinson's is just one of those sad things that happen sometimes. ..

            Btw , When doo we get this story of yours?? ??...


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              just call the temple vince. i have my jamaica head on right now and without knowing what train you are taking...N,R, F, A, 4 or's easy to get to.

              678 b'way between bond and great jones or w3rd.

              I hear there was a memorial this past weekend.

              found myself looking through all my shaolin pics for shots of him.
              "Arhat, I am your father..."
              -the Dark Lord Cod


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                Okay. So i don't really know about the disease.
                Holy shit.


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                  The passing of Shi Su Xi is a very sad, as he was iconic of what Shaolin once was, as Doc said. I am further saddened as my Shifu is going to the temple in a month or so, and he was going to meet the great Su Xi, his Si Gung.
                  Hopefully tho, through his traditional disciples, his legacy and his teachings that he received, have been passed on to the next generations.
                  Through dedication to the art of Shaolin Kung Fu\Ch'an, we can uphold the memory and teachings of the late Shi Su Xi.



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                    Shaolin Doc

                    Suxi will be briefly featured in a Buddhist chanting ceremony in my doc about the modern day Shaolin Temple. Doc will be released this year.

                    Hanguo Laohu


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                      Originally posted by hanguolaohu
                      Doc will be released this year.

                      Hanguo Laohu
                      well thank christ!!! . that guy is waaay too godly to be in aaanyone's cage for more than a week tops!!!....... You should be ashamed anyway.


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                        yeah thats totaly sad.


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                          Did we ever get any footage of the funeral?? ...Or what about a commemorative bookwith quotes and stuff?? .. or a 'life and times of Suxi' doco or something ?? He deserves a good scene. Myagis dad got one. I hope there was a decent scene out there for him anyway...
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                            Someone once talked bad of Myagi on the board. I forget who...but his day will...


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                              Hornoary Abbot of Shaolin Temple----shi suxi Death

                              Shi suxi, the hornary abbot of shaolin Temple, the longest life ,82 year old died at 11:20 , 8th,March,2006! and his funeral tites held at 9:00 , 15th,March,2006 in shaolin Temple.

                              Shi suxi, former name Gengshuanzhu, became a monk in 1936 in shaolin temple, and Master Zhenxu was his teacher.Because of his talent and industrious, so quickly rewards all masters and disciples's respection! and he not only good at theory of Buddist and outstanding on wushu, he made a contribution for his whole life for shaolin temple, with high reputation!and with around 30,000 disciples!
                              and he is also the only one monk, who became a monk before new China Liberation(before 1949).

                              in 2005, for celebration of his 81birthday, the disciples donated the money to build a longiverty tower, in the shaolin forests of tablets, which is also the first tower for the live monk in recent 200 years! It's said in the forersts of the towers consists of three kinds :tombs towers, ashes tower and the longevity tower, and especialy the longiverty tower, which was built only for the monk, who has outstanding contributions for the shaolin temples.

                              It's said , before suxi died, he stayed in Zhengzhou for recuperation, and back temple, three days later died.and his funeral rites will hold abey the Budda's ceremoney. and around 50,000 people from all parts of the world attanded the ceremoney!
                              what a outstanding funeral rite!


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                                At 11:20 AM, 8th,March, the hornary abbot of shaolin temple, Shisuxi, 82 years old died. With the news , thousands of people from all of the world crownded to shaolin to pay their last recpects to the remains . It'a said that after his death, shaolin monks kept praying for him, chanting scriptures for 24 hours without interruption!

                                on 14th, Mar, around 15:00, the reporter arrived shaolin temple, we can see alone the mountain two sideway, everywhere hanging the white and yellow elegiac tents, and on which writing the respected poetries and verses for's said for suxi whole life, he has over 30,000 disciples, and around 3000 ones will attand the funneral rites.

                                and about the elegiac couplets divided his name into two parts, up and down means respection for a high monk or master, and if we called a monk named" great monk" or "old monk" mean more respected.

                                and this time, we can there is a lot of differentce about hte funeral procession. for common people, we all crying, but for suxi's ----no white uniforms dressed in mourning and sorrow crying ,and even there is a notice ----when you join the funeral processtion , no crying, please!

                                and we can see all suxi's discipes wear the black color uniforms, all other people misunderstanding that it's the filial uniforms, but Shideyang master explianed that the uniforms all monks dressed called" sea green", even during daily time , they will wear that"

                                Shi de guo, the disciple of suxi said , before suxi death, he told all disciples, "no crying "!because according the Buhdda, if noisy crying after the high monk death, will disturb the soul/spirit, so need an quiet atmosphere for practise Buddhism!

                                According the religious tituals, after the monk death, in 24 hours, you can not bother or move the body. because it said although body died, yet the sense will enter a bottomless pit, and the soul still around the body, and even can feeling the live people's activities, at the monment, only thing can do is chanting" A mi to fu", helping praying, never move the body!

                                At 19:00 everning of 14th, there a grand ceremoney hold in the square before " yuan tong Hall", three high monks seperatly from XiangGuo Temple and White Horse Temple lead all disciples finished the ceremoney. and the name of the ceremony called " seding flame mouth", which a grand ceremony for praying fir the death.

                                According the Buddha habits, there are two ways to berry the death monks, one is called "sitting in the vat", means put the monk remains into a speacial vat, the keep a sitting's said if use this way, the remains can keep well forever , never decomposed! but now this way is very rare.and the other way is called"tu bi" means cremation.first piled a wood terrence, then put the body on top of it, then use oil to fire, generally will keep firing for several days and nights!but now the second way changed into cremation in crenmation hall in Dengfeng first.before cremation, shiyong xin, the present abbot leading all disciples and preside over the cerenmoy, it will last around one hour, at last shiyong xin will read an appraise for suxi 's deeds and achievements, then yong xin with a tin stick shouted a loudly" up", then the coffin of suxi will carry to the funeral car, after that all people will trow the chrysanthemum petal to the remains , after chanting verses a long time, then yongxin with the tin stick and shouted again" fire", the remains will formly cremate!

                                when the suxi ashes come back to shaolin temple, all shaolin monks already waiting for the arrival before the hill gate, one monk hugsthe tablet ahead, the second one is Shijiande with suxi's remain photo, and Shideyang , the elder disciple of suxi , acompany by two monks folowing the third , and all other monks and people following the procession to Shaolin tablets forest towers......


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