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Grandmaster Steve Abbate has died

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  • Grandmaster Steve Abbate has died

    After a long and difficult Journey, Grandmaster Steve Abbate has passed away this weekend, while in the hospital.

    For the ones who knew him, its a great loss. For the ones who did not know him, I am adding a short bio:

    Master Abbate started his career in the Art of Kung Fu at age 16 in Chicago’s Chinatown. In 1962 he formally trained under Master Fu Lun Cho from Hong Kong, studying the arts of Tai Kit Kuen (Grand Snake Fist style) and Northern Shaolin 7-Star Praying Mantis.

    In 1964 after graduation from Elmwood Park High School, Master Abbate joined the United States Marine Corps. In 1965 Master Abbate was sent to Vietnam, while serving as a recon scout with the 4th Marine Brigade out of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. In Vietnam, he was part of the original Marines landing at Chu Lai. During his tour he was highly decorated and med-evaced in late 1966. In the course of his military career he went through Green Beret school and advanced Jump School training.

    After his honorable discharge in 1968, Master Abbate joined the 24th Marines stationed in Waukegan, Illinois, where he taught Hand-to-Hand combat and guerilla jungle warfare. Master Abbate went on extended active duty and became a recruiter for the Marines.

    In 1969, Master Abbate became a Police Officer in Rolling Meadows with the Rolling Meadows Police Department.

    He was introduced to Grandmaster Chi Yuan Tsai, under whom he trained in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Grandmaster Tsai formally trained Master Abbate for his ring fighting career, where he competed on the international circuit, fighting Full-Contact in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Okinawa and the U.S., winning many titles in 10 years. Master Abbate was also introduced to Kwong Ming Loy, a Master in the Northern Shaolin 7-Star Praying Mantis system and a direct student of Grandmaster Fu Lun Cho, who had returned to Hong Kong soon after Master Abbate enlisted with the marines. In addition to his previous and ongoing training, Master Abbate studied under Master Wu of the Mei Wah system, Plum Flower Combat Tai Chi.

    Master Abbate has taught thousands of students and gives seminars and demonstrations. In September of 2002, Master Abbate received his 10th level black sash from Grandmaster Tsai in an award ceremony at his school which was attended by pioneers of Kung Fu and Karate, such as Ken Knutson, Joe Gangi, Bob Schirmer, Tom Saviano, Tom Heriaud, and others from Florida and California.

    Master Abbate held black belts in Kempo, Karate, and Gong Yuen Kung Fu and is associated with the American Karate Association, World Kuoshu Republic of China, Chinese Kuoshu Martial Arts Federation, Tsai's Kung Fu International, Tai Boxing Commission, Midwest Circuit, and is President of the American Martial Artists Association. Master Abbate was the Midwest representative for Chuck Norris' Kick (Karate International Council of Kickboxing).

    He has attended Seminars and Trained with Ed Parker, Bill Wallace, and Bruce Lee, received over 300 awards for Full-Contact kickboxing, and Sport Contact Karate and continues to teach and train under Grandmaster Chi Yuan Tsai.

    On a personal note, I studied with him for a few years 3 times a week, and he was one of the greatest in my book, not just because of the martial arts instruction but also as a human being.

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    sorry to hear of your loss, Uwe.


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      Grandmaster Abbate

      I have been with Grandmaster Abbate for over 29 years now.I was glad to hear that you studied 3 times a week for 3 years.You must have made Black Sash then.Thank you for writing the article about his life.You loved his spirit as much as I did.There is one correction however.Grandmaster Abbate did study in China town when he was 16, but he did not meet Master Cho until much later on.He was in Hawaii recovering from from his injuries in the jungles of Chu Lai in 1966. In 1964 Sgt. Walker opens a small school in Hawaii for the 1st Recon Force.It is at this time that he meets private Abbate, and starts to train him in the art of Grand Snake Fist.Sgt. Walker is the one, and only round eye at that ime to study the secret killing art of Grand Snake Fist from Fu Lung Cho.( this is why to this day we still wear a gold stripe on our pant leg to remind os of Sgt. Walker )In 1968 private Abbate is promoted to 1st degree Black Belt by Sgt. Walker.In 1971 Sgt. Walker is listed missing in action, and private Abbate takes over resposiblities as head of Cobra Kai Kung Fu Club, and returns to Hong Kong to be promoted to 2nd degree Black Belt by Master Cho.1971 is where he opens his first school, and meets up with Master Tsai.I get all of this information right out of Grandmaster Abbate's own training manuel, which I had had with me for over 29 years now.I miss him too.Chin Hu Kai.


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        I cant even begin to explain the differance between this site, and one that I was on for 2 days.I was called something like no bs martail wanted to talk about how my Grandmaster has died recently.I talked about the training methods that he would use.I would say that out of 40 replies only 3 were positive.I spent 2 days trying to inform, and all I got was rediculed, and put down.Apperantly people out there on that site dont realize that there are differant styles, and ways to train.All I can think is that they are all impressed with the strip mall martail arts mentality.Everyone here seems to be open minded, and intelligent.A far cry from that other site.My advice is to stay away from them.It was just a waste of time.Maybe some of you have had the same experiance, and for those who havent, stay away.


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          Things are a bit better around here.



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            Originally posted by evetsm1155
            Everyone here seems to be open minded, and intelligent.
            You haven't met ALL of us, LOL...

            But at least, we try.
            Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

            "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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