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Meet Agan: Life in the Ukraine.

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  • Meet Agan: Life in the Ukraine.

    I routinely get emails from various people that live all over the world. The interactions that I have as a result of this web site is occasionally educational, usually comical, and rarely significant. But every once in a while, a true gem comes along.

    This is one of those instances.

    Emails from the old USSR and associated areas usually consist of desperate young Russian women looking to get out of a life of prostitution in some neighborhood bar by marrying some unwanted and terribly stupid middle aged American. Wasted emails in my opinion, because I do my hunting for desperate young women in Asia. Rarely do I get the opportunity to interact with someone who throws open the veritable door to a life that we never get to see in the west. A life of hardship and hope, a life of desire and missed opportunities. All from a true and honest gentleman who most definitely deserves more than he has the chance to achieve.

    Meet Agan.

    His emails, the publication of which I've discussed with him, are very telling, if you read into them. They portray life in the Ukraine, which most of us will never have the opportunity of experiencing. This is, hopefully for the rest of us, an educational foray into the world of post communism Russia.

    I hope that this introduction gives Agan the impetus to tell us more. And maybe, his interaction with us one day may offer him an opportunity that he might never otherwise see.

    Hi Mr. Doc!
    Thanks You for the recent letter-notice on portal news russbo! I am very glad to this letter.

    I write You the letter from the far country, from Ukraine. How You live? What you do also what results from it? I not often visit Your forum, as at me problems with the Internet. In Ukraine constant problems with the Internet, happens, you will buy the Internet, you will pay money, and the Internet is not present. It in Ukraine happens often.

    At us there have passed the next parliamentary elections. For us, inhabitants of the country, this big misfortune. It means, that rich people with the criminal past divide the country and plunder it, the prices for products and services are risen, and fairly to earn money very difficultly. Parliamentary elections were and last year, and every year new and new troubles. Our people have got used to be obedient in days of the USSR, therefore the people look at it and are silent. For any foreigner Ukraine seems the developed country but when the foreigner lives here long time, he is surprised with a difference of the prices and poverty of the salary (in Ukraine the prices above, than in Europe and the USA), foreigners do not understand, how here there live people and why they have not died till now of hunger. In our country larceny, a deceit, immorality and an alcoholism prosper. Now the morals have turned over on the contrary: the lie is encouraged, the truth and honesty - is pursued.

    I continue researches in area a chi kung and a kung fu. Recently 20 years of my continuous searches were executed exactly, but I am engaged in it much longer on time. In September, 1987 I have begun a theme of the full description of modes of breath … and I am engaged in it and now. For this time I managed to understand much in possibilities of a human body, mentality. Probably, it outside the limits of fighting arts, it something is more. Last theme, I am engaged in it about 5 months is a tracing of effects of delays of breath at an incomplete exhalation. These experiments are sometimes dangerous, as change of modes of breath influences health, but interest of knowledge above this danger. Sometimes I advise people on a theme of therapy a chi kung and kung fu training. I managed to systematise training methods, they are effective. Unfortunately, me the state does not allow to work officially, I in the country, having trained it is a lot of people, I have no right to teaching. Here for any reason communication with officials and external attributes, and real ability and talent is appreciated - not appreciated absolutely. In the beginning of this year I was invited to Spain to work by the well-known woman, the academician of psychology. She was interested by my methods of work and therapy. But my trip has appeared a deceit and tragedy. It has appeared, that, despite the popularity and a rank of the academician, this woman is engaged in a human trafic and mental slavery. Because of it I with it have quarrelled in Spain and it threatened me with murder and extorted from me 100000 euros of money. I managed to return to Ukraine, and I have submitted on it to security service, but in Ukraine to reach the truth difficultly and my statement for serious things was out of serious consideration.

    I have one problem - I wish to continue the researches and I wish to have contact to interested people. But the obstacle to my researches is an absence of work, absence of fair earnings of money. I have devoted to researches the life, but live and work in such bad conditions I cannot. It is a shame to confess, but I with the wife often badly we eat, we have no money for fee and habitation, we with the wife cannot officially marry, on it there are no means. To me 38 years are fast, but I cannot get till now children and create a normal family, because of the same means. My knowledge and abilities do not admit, much is required in the field of researches on a chi kung in particular. My knowledge has the price and I do not open a secret as here everywhere larceny in everything where there is a guarantee of that my knowledge will not bring to someone 1 million dollars or more. At us the country such, what even at my wife on a summer residence of 7 cats have stolen, but on city streets weights of homeless animals run.

    Dear Mr. Doc! I, of course, can be not right in something, but I have to you a request - if probably, help me with the creation, any community on a chi kung, a kung fu, probably to find contacts in the USA …. You can help to find to me contacts in the USA or other countries to whom my results are necessary? I hope, that someone in the World needs that I do. I wish to live and continue normally and adequately business to which has given all life.

    I understand, that my request, probably, is not correct, or is inappropriate, but to address to me there is nobody. Unfortunately, in my country it is impossible to achieve success without the big money and the big communications with officials.

    Probably, my letter will seem for You sad or bad in relation to you, for it I ask not to hold harm.

    Certainly, it would be desirable to communicate more and probably to meet, somewhere in a neutral territory but as the life will develop - it is not known. Very much I look forward to hearing from You and I hope, that our correspondence will go further.

    Good luck to You in all and happiness!

    Yours faithfully, Agan

    Hi Mr. Doc!
    What news at You? Your affairs are successful?

    At us late autumn, very coldly. Today the sun, but is sad.

    I continue experiments. Now I compare different forms of breath. For example, properties of a gradual exhalation through a mouth and a gradual exhalation through a nose. It seems, that this same, but it not so. I am inclined to think, that the strongest forms of fight are under construction on breath through a nose. Usually consider, that the exhalation through a mouth is stronger also it truly only for an extreme situation. At long practice it can conduct to deterioration of health and painful sensitivity. If to speak about survival rate in very bad conditions, that, it seems to me, breath through a nose is more preferable. For a long time the instruction for special troops of the USSR has got to me, there too has been told, that for the greatest concentration of endurance it is necessary «to close a mouth», i.e. To use breath through a nose.
    Unfortunately, I have no resource to conduct tests completely, with participation of other trainers or participants.

    Life in Ukraine simply bad, very bad. Most of all I am am tormented by immorality of a life. For example, the government has informed us, that they do poor-quality heating gas, and from it our houses will blow up. Some houses are blown already up. But it is necessary also to pay for this poor-quality gas money. Interestingly, the government of the USA is capable so to arrive with the citizens?

    Here such thoughts at me and news.

    How Your affairs?
    Successes to You!

    Hi Mr. Doc!
    I did not know, that You live in Thailand. I thought You live in America and have a rest in Thailand. What society in Thailand? What there it is pleasant to You?

    You want, that I have written at a forum about Ukraine? But it is a forum on a theme martial arts. It will be correct? Advise where to place a theme and how it to name? I would like to tell about it in sense: a society of immorality and an expert martial arts. It is strange, but I do not find answers in the theory martial arts about struggle against meanness, a deceit, lie. If in a society it is a lot of these bad things, spirituality does not win, spirituality loses this moral fight. Many theories martial arts were created for a society of Japan, China and east people. But these theories suffer shattering defeat in the social systems constructed on other principles of morals. For example, in Ukraine larceny is not condemned by a society and if You tell about a fair way of life You will see persons of people: they will look at You as on the fool! The fair person loses fight for a life: It cannot work and receive money, it cannot make purchase without a deceit, it cannot be in transport, where a considerable quantity of drunk and openly swearing people. I it see every day when I go in a tram in the evening, these trips for me - torture. I can strike, I can strike and kill.... But I difficultly worry a life among such society. I not one. Still there were people who it understands, but they suffer, like the Samurais who have not accepted reforms of the emperor in 1870.
    At us now beautiful weather and last beams of the warm sun. Soon winter. I do not love winter, it always is a lot of problems. My wife is pregnant.

    Now I do experiments on different phases of a delay of breath + compression and having inflated a stomach. I search for a secret of long delays of breath and activization of potential of mentality and physiology. I am assured is exists.

    You at a forum have told once, the head is ill You at a breath delay. It is necessary to do so: a breath, a breath delay, an incomplete exhalation and a breath delay, then again an incomplete exhalation and a breath delay (incomplete exhalations it is possible to do much). BUT! It is necessary to make a full exhalation! If a full exhalation not to do - 100 % will be a hypertension and a headache, blood circulation infringement.
    I again am not assured of correctness of my phrases. I badly know English language and I use dictionaries and the electronic translator. I studied English language during the USSR and was ashamed of it to study: there was an opinion in a society of the USSR, the one who knows English language - necessarily spy or against the USSR. It now looks ridiculously but so was at me at school and technical school.
    Kind to You of all!

    Yours faithfully, Agan.
    Looking forward to hearing more...
    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

    "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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    Working conditions in Ukraine

    I wish to tell: there are countries poor, very poor. Ukraine seems safe the country, but its feature in other. Ukraine is the society constructed by a principle of total lie. Lie everywhere: foreign policy, internal policy, lie in human relations.

    Today I wish to tell features of work in Ukraine.

    After disorder of the USSR in Ukraine there were principles of work which use now for slavery of a considerable quantity of people. In Ukraine there are no official works on time, as a rule, here work is a work a constant, since morning and till the evening.

    In Ukraine the worker cannot demand improvement of working conditions. For example, in a trading premise of a supermarket there are no adaptations for weight carrying over. The worker can make nothing: hundreds bags of the foodstuffs on 50 kg of weight transfers hands. In Ukraine it is impossible to demand salary increase. Operating modes here the such. For example, work in shop since 8 mornings to 23 o'clock in the evening. Without days off. For it pay from 80, 100 to 150 dollars a month. Sometimes there are 200 dollars. In Kiev salaries above, than in other cities. There are cities and settlements where there is either no work, or money, meal.

    From this money approximately 80-100 dollars it is necessary to give a payment for habitation. Businessmen try not to pay sick pays, pregnant women try to fire in due time.

    The most terrible: work does not guarantee to the worker money! You can work 3 months and not receive the salary in general! It can Sometimes be and 5 months …. In supermarkets the phenomenon when the manager steals the goods and goods shortage is extended write off on workers. As a result you can work free of charge. In Ukraine many mechanisms of a neopayment of work are fulfilled.

    I know, that many Americans do not understand a phrase: «I work on three works, and I do not have money». Americans do not know: official employment in Ukraine does not guarantee to the worker a payment.
    I am am amazed with that workers never are indignant with this lawlessness, they do not swear, do not beat the person to the businessman, do not submit to courts. Court in Ukraine - waste of time for the usual person. If you protect the rights of workers you remain one: workers will not go against the owner! Slaves love the slaveholder!?

    Most of all people with a trade the manager and the director, the bookkeeper receive money. The big sums, from 150 dollars and above can receive this class of people, it can be any sum.

    In Ukraine employment conditions are very often overestimated. For example, employ loaders or cleaners with the higher institute education! For what? And age till 25-27 years! If to you more than 30 years, even in the presence of education, to you are difficult to find work. Very often it is necessary to pay to the chief for the employment. There is "tradition": the first salary you give to the chief, or give its part. Sometimes, that will get a job, it is necessary to bribe the director or the chief.
    The separate class of people, the most part of people, work in the huge markets. There they have money for a deceit of the buyer. In Ukraine there is a proverb in the people: «to live, it is necessary to steal». If to ask the citizen: «Whence people take expensive cars?», he will answer: «They steal!»

    Still 17 years ago the word "thief" was considered as the contemptious. Now you can openly speak among people: «I have stolen 10000 dollars» - for it you will respect! You cannot speak: «I fairly work» - you will consider as the coward, the loser or the fool.

    I hope to you the sense of is clear that I write.


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      toilets in the Ukraine

      Mr. Doc published on a site of a photo of toilets in the different countries, it is a ridiculous theme, but it is necessary to tell about it.

      If you gather to Ukraine, you should know one important rule: in Ukraine there are no public toilets! This culture in this country is not present!

      As a rule, here the toilet is available only in city centre of Kiev, this toilet paid, and it works not round the clock. If you wish not to have problems with a toilet, you should carry out in advance a toilet and to be able is long to suffer this problem. Recently in Kiev there were toilets, but they can work not round the clock, there there can be very bad conditions and they can be paid. Be ready and to that in cafe the toilet will be closed. It occurs very often.

      In my city of Kharkov of public toilets is not present, even in city centre. Recently have put time toilets, but the guarantee of their functioning is not present. At presence even very big sum of money even if you the millionaire, it will not solve your problem in Ukraine. For this reason to Ukraine tourists from sanitary cultural countries, for example, from Japan do not like to go.

      As it is humiliating, but if you are compelled to celebrate need of a toilet in the street, but for it it is necessary the penalty of 10 dollars.

      Still addition: toilets can badly work or not work in general even in such places as railway station, the airport, bus stations and the underground.


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        Back I wrote some time about work in Ukraine. I wish to tell a vivid example of absurdity of system of a payment today.
        My friend has arrived to Kiev and has gone to work on underground building. It very much a tough job, risky. Today he to me has told about payment system.
        Sense of this system that you work the whole month, in the salary receive in the end of next month. For example, if you have fulfilled November for November you receive the salary in the end of December!!!
        But, to work on a tough job, it is necessary to spend money for journey, meal and miscellaneous costs. It does not disturb officials! Such system of work meets very often. Very strange that workers, strong and competent people, do not swear at officials and do not protest. It seems to them, that from protests their life only will be worse. Unfortunately, all system of a life in Ukraine is constructed by a principle of total slavery and lawlessness. The court will not help you with Ukraine.


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          The deadly house

          The basic feature of the countries with Russian and the Ukrainian population is a historical lawlessness. Often speak, after an epoch of communism of the USSR, these countries became democratic. I wish to tell some features of it. I live in the city of Kharkov, my wife lives with me, and her mother - lives separately. Mum of my wife lives in the house, to which approximately 70 years and this house emergency. It is the big house, in it 240 apartments (I do not know exact figure), 6 floors. In this house there live families, there it is a lot of older persons, children. This house should collapse, on walls there are big cracks, the floor fails, constant failures of gas, an electricity and water. People address more than 9 months to officials of different state level, but to officials is indifferent. People addressed to the mayor of a city, to its assistants, people went in the ministry …. But the result is not present any. Many times there came TV, this terrible house showed many times on different television channels. But the situation from it does not vary. People in despair. Their house should fail, and it is obvious. Recently people sleep in clothes in time to run out or jump out of a house window. Some people have left this house not to be lost. Recently inhabitants of the house suited a manifestation of protest, but to officials to spit for a life of people. I will not be surprised, if soon again will show on news about house accident, there will arrive the president of Ukraine, and will pretend, that he cares of people …. And people will be dead. In Ukraine for this accident anybody from officials will not be punished, as officials in this country can do crimes. The mayor of a city from it will not be punished. Lawlessness was, lawlessness exists. In Ukraine it is possible to bring an action, but court in Ukraine - false. I do not know cases that people have won court against the power of officials. Any inhabitant of the country knows, the court fair in Ukraine - does not exist.

          P. S.
          When I wrote this text, have suddenly switched off light in the house. It is considered at us usual business. If the refrigerator, the computer breaks, or there will be a fire, it is not necessary to the citizen of Ukraine any indemnifications, in court a tax it is impossible. My friend had a case when in its house there was an electricity jump: at people the most part of electrodevices has burnt down. Justice to defend and receive indemnifications it was not possible.


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            My day

            It's Sunday today and I have decided to visit parents. I went to a subway. I was abused by the drunk orthodox priest there, he was going to beat me. He was very drunk. I landed him at his stop merciful. By the way to my parents' house, I saw such picture: a drunk woman and a drunk man. The man was beating a small kitten with his foot. The kitten ran away from his kicks right on a road. There was a car and driver was going to kill the kitten with wheels. I rescued this kitten. Society of my country is cruel. They scoff at animals, and punishment laws do not work here. Sometimes I have to restore justice with kung fu methods. Such is a life in the "happiest" country of the World.

            video cat:


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              looks like a nice thing you've done Agan.


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                Originally posted by Agan View Post
                It's Sunday today and I have decided to visit parents. I went to a subway. I was abused by the drunk orthodox priest there, he was going to beat me. He was very drunk. I landed him at his stop merciful. By the way to my parents' house, I saw such picture: a drunk woman and a drunk man. The man was beating a small kitten with his foot. The kitten ran away from his kicks right on a road. There was a car and driver was going to kill the kitten with wheels. I rescued this kitten. Society of my country is cruel. They scoff at animals, and punishment laws do not work here. Sometimes I have to restore justice with kung fu methods. Such is a life in the "happiest" country of the World.

                video cat:

                I know what you mean. although when kungfu becomes life philosophy and the "country" becomes the world, preventative resolution looks real good.

                Blooming tianshi lotus.


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                  Well done with the cat Agan! To stop violence is the goal of gong fu. We should not use violence towards any living being, animal, human or ghost.


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                    To save one cat's life is a good way. Have you ever considered becoming vegetarian Agan? It is a good way to be in absolute non violence.


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                      Great job Again. Take good care of that little critter, feed it well. Get it nice and fat.

                      It will make a good meal one day.

                      (Oh, couldn't resist...)
                      Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

                      "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

                      (more comments in my User Profile)


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                        I do not often visit the forum. In Ukraine, a terrible crisis. Poverty, hunger, no job, no money. Today, my family suffered a misfortune: the cat died. This is the cat, whom I rescued from the beating a year ago. My family's tears.


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