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    So I have been checking in with russbo for about 3 years now.. (not much changes) but its still such a gem for knowledge. 'hats off' to doc.

    About me- from uk currently training in 5 ancestors and have dabbled in long fist and qigong.

    Like so many others who grace russbo's doormat i would love to, one day, visit shaolin or wu dang mainly to take in the ambience or be traumatised by the exploitation and commercial corruption of the place!

    this may be elsewhere on the forum as its old now but i'm still dribbling in anticipation of a release!

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Fighting Arts of Borneo[/ame]

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    'the most important thing is to maintain it. study slowly and you will have great success. the knowledge. it's everything....'

    thanks for posting. i haven't seen it before, but that seems to be the traditional sentiment.

    the transmission of knowledge is important. good teachers are very valuable...


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      thanks for posting that, im surprised that movie isnt out yet?

      ive been interested in wuzu quan or ngo cho kun whatever u wanna call it for awhile now i know they been teaching it at the southern shaolin temple

      malaysia though im sure has some good 5 ancestors, alot of peeps say some of the best hung kuen is down there to, from what little ive seen its all pretty similar but still, good stuff
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        this vid shows old hung(short bridges, narrow stance) and wushu hung(SF) etc kinda long though and in chinese
        "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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          thx for the vid! frustrating that there are no english titles but hey thats my problem not theres!

          the fighting arts of borneo still not out as far as im aware altho i did recently subscribe to sol pictures who are producing it and i think the film is on the horizon.... (u may need to squint)

          so back to to kfu.... 5A I'm still grinding (literally) trying to establish that softness with 'essence' , stop being 'stiff', stop 'floating' myself, keep my elbows in, 'twist' , 'listen' via bridging-much chi sau!, not use strength-that's tough when a lot of the guys are physically stronger than me. smarter not harder! its still a bit of a contradiction to me and very unnatural but i can see that it works. heavy hands no spring energy emitted emptiness and void.

          also started sparring... i sparred in long fist a bit. very different much more lax and 'traditional' 5A sparring is more xingyi 'ish' (dont quote me on that my sifu would probably disagree) but its stepping forward largely linear and the stance is near feet together hands out (90 degree elbows) at chest (kind of like a fork lift).. not really natural in a way. gloves make it clumsy and harder to 'listen' or incorporate hand techniques-as well as been a difficult guard to pass! having said that im both blessed and cursed with boney arms. good for limbs knocking but not good for locking and chin na techniques. trying to increase wrist strength but very difficult to compete with the big boys on this- i cant physically wrist lock some of them. i guess we all have strengths and weaknesses- where the wrist lock fails a snapping knee kick could suit me better hey?

          anyway thinking out loud somewhat. but thought id share....

          by the way i seem to remember seeing doc lived in phuket?
          visited thailand recently (bangkok-phuket and then hit the islands- it was a holiday)

          great place, fantastic people.... really miss it.


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            yeh that was a good video, u practice hung kuen then? i forgot about this thread

            that movie changed its name to "needle through brick" and it was released and you can get it here ;

            limme know if u get it, i might have to get a copy aswell
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              I have been waiting for this forever! definitely going to get a copy... I'll be sure to feedback my thoughts

              Hung Kuen? i've only heard 5A referred to as wuzu quan and Ngo Cho Ku.. although being as that they're both southern styles perhaps there are similarities.


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                I was in Phuket, back in Vegas and Utah now. Real life issues have brought me back to the US for a while. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Thailand, truly wonderful place.
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                  oh you practice 5 ancestors that makes sense youd talk like that, i see they use that in needle through brick also, yea let us know whats good with that video, i might have to get a copy myself

                  ill find my way to thailand one day, right now im dealing with cracked ribs lol, first month of jiujitsu and of course something goes crazy...what a year
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                    Maestro, would u have ani1 2 rekomand in HK or around GZ, as i undrestand u trained there, please.

                    What about nanshaolin. Is it possible to get there?

                    (Naomi from wugulun got mad at me, recently, i think, koz i sent her sms at night about punk yang. Shit, there skool looked good. But kagyu skools r also good, isnt it isnt hit?)


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                      i would reccomend lau family hung kuen, but that area has alot of gung fu teachers and if you know an affordable and relatively clean place to stay in that area you should go , and also let me know
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                        hung kuen is tat a place, where is it please?

                        The quanzhen master, that loks like liu yiming, near guangxiao skool said there was gongfu skool in GZ.

                        I m at 100 stupid stalinist policemen in 1 min....


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