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  • Small | Grand Microcosmic Circulation Qigong

    Im getting really curious about QiGong
    and would like to find more information and learn about.

    The Eight Pieces of Brocade | Ba Duan Jin

    Small Microcosmic Circulation | Xiao Zhou Tian Qigong

    Grand Microcosmic Circulation | Da Zhou Tian Qigong

    Muscle | Tendon Changing and Brain | Marrow Washing - Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing

    If you know about any these of these and can impart me with some wisdom or can point me in the right direction to a true source> I do understand this is a very complex topic, and I should seek out a Sifu to put me on the right path, or for them to answer my questions.

    I just have this urge to find out as much as I can about this, having trained in MA for quite some time, I realising I should be undertaking this alongside what im currently doing.

    Cheers for any light you might be able to shed on the subject

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    Purchase and read this book cover to cover. The Root of Chinese Qigong, by Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. It covers all that and more.
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      Thanks Daodejing

      I was going to have a look at his books
      i.e. the one you mentioned

      The Root of Chinese Qigong and
      Qigong, The Secret of Youth

      Ive got | Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na, and its very good, so im betting the other

      books will be the same.

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        Yeah, I'd have to say Yang, Jwing Ming's books are consistantly the best english cma books I've found.
        practice wu de


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          Make sure you read The Root of Chinese Qigong before you open up Secret of Youth or Essence of Shaolin White Crane.
          Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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            Understood. small quite steps..

            I have a book by wong kiew kit

            Where it has a secton about Lifting the sky (Raising the sky)
            and Lohan Embracing Buddha
            (he Calls it Self manifested chi movement)

            Ive been doing lifting the skys for a year or so
            not every day just when I can after training

            but for the past couple of weeks im doing it in the morning and just before bed

            and Ive now added the archer to it (thanks for that one)

            and the Lohan Embracing Budda

            Just a small question

            What thing can you experience doing this stuff.. i.e. feelings in your arms, etc
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              It depends, sometimes it's warm, or cold. It may have a tingling sensation, or sometimes for me it's a sense of fullness in my body. It may also feel a little wind or electricity.

              The most important thing is to focus on doing the exercises with intent and focus. Try to feel the sensations in your body, but just let them come and go as they please. If you don't feel anything one day, then you don't feel anything. No big deal, just keep practicing.
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                ah ha ...

                reason for my last "small question about feelings in your arms, etc"

                I was doing my small routine the other day and at the end I added

                Lifting water
                i.e. in a goat riding stance, simultaneously raising both arms in front to chest level, gently breathing in, then slowly lower your arms pressing on water with your palms while breathing out.

                If you can imagine heavy floating dust from sanding floating about in the air

                as I moved my arms if felt like it was moving through lots of dust and it was speckling/tingling/tickling the skin on my arms and hands, as i moved up and

                down it was surprising, at first i though it was pins and needles, but it wasnt

                quite like that, it was really gentle.

                I kept doing it for a while, just to keep the sensation.

                What is the best thing to do when you want to stop?

                put your hands to the side and keep breathing for a while ..

                Thank you for your replies
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                  i think traditionally you're also supposed to put your hands over your eyes or something.


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                    The simplest thing is to put your hands over your dan tien and take a few deep quiet breaths while storing the energy there. Storing the qi is simple, just intend it to be stored.

                    There are more complicated closings involving breathing the qi from the hands into the eyes, then massaging the face, beating the heavenly drum, etc, but they always end with storing the qi in the lower dan tien.
                    Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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                      I readEmbronic Breathing By the Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, that was hard reading. Would your recommend reading Root of Chinese Qiqong before other works?

                      Some things he says is he has translated only .02 percent of the knowledge in the ancient documents.
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                        Today ive just ordered:

                        The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets for Health, Longevity and Enlightenment

                        Qigong, the Secret of Youth: Da Mo's Muscle/tendon and Marrow/brain Washing

                        Im looking forward to having a long read and see what these books are like.

                        like what Daodejing said read the roots one first before the other books

                        afew other people i know suggested the same .. now i just have to wait

                        for the post and see. twiddles thumbs
                        Do or do not there is no try.


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                          Have fun, its good stuff.
                          Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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                            the most important aspect (one of the many) is to be consistent in training everyday, i like the analogy of stacking paper one sheet at a time each day, eventually after years of practice everyday, you will have a towering pillar of pape as a result, think of this as your internal strength.

                            of course your practice time(right practice) will determine how many sheets of paper are added on each day
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                              I haven't practiced for months. I feel let down. Disheartened, if you will.
                              Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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