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An exciting new way to vitalize human health!

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  • An exciting new way to vitalize human health!
    Through the use of modern technology, the healthy bio-energetic field of the highest level Chi-Gong master has been simulated and programmed into the BioEnergizer®.
    Apparently they can get a qigong master into anything these days. And the guy kind of looks like WKK too.

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    I wasn't going to click the link, but after seeing that thumbnail, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's qigong in a box!
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      hope you're kidding:which sect is it/\
      I'd call that bullshit of the year
      The East? The West?

      Men and Women, that's all...


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        i remember someone bringing up a "qi machine" in another thread. maybe this is what they were talking about.


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          One part I found funny is that it says NATURAL CHI-GONG with helper Machine BIOENERGIZER.

          Machines are natural, no?


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            Oh, this has got to be the funniest part.

            Section 1: Chi-Gong Helper Machine, BioEnergizer®, for self-learning and training US$350.00 plus S & H
            Section 2: Self-Learning Information Package with Video (US$30.00 plus S & H)
            Section 3: Two Day Natural Chi-GongSM Course including one unit helper machine US$535.00


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              The sad thing is, they're probably selling a few of them.
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                thoughts on qi qong

                I have recently been reading Qiqong mediation Embryonic Breathing, by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. and boy is my brain tired. Interesting book, explains some stuff, about the human body I find interesting, but boy is a hard read. In it he's translating some ancient chinesee documents, and sometimes says, x means y but can also mean z but is sometimes t. I haven't read the whole book yet. One thing is my martial arts teacher said too just digest a book for awhile after reading it.

                I'm just wondering is qiqong just the same exercise? How do you practice qiqong? Usually I do some embracing the tree exercises. What's the difference between bone muscle/tendon washing qiqong, and brain/marrow qiqong?

                I guess I better understand what people have talking about now.
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                  The Qi Gong section of the site might answer some of your questions. From what I understand, there are many many ways to just practice qi gong. It'd not like one or two exercises.
                  Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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