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    hi guys
    I have heard that Wing Chung chain punching is great and seems like
    does anyone know this?
    school in local area

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    I miss bruce lee.


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      anything is effective if your good at it, wing chuns 8 strikes are no big deal and as far as ive seen chain punching is found in every system.

      the problem i see with chain punching is your not really gonna overwhelm someone whos bigger then you all they gotta do is side step and your already committed to your second or third strike if your fast at all, ive countered this tech in sparring before and it makes it easy to attack the side gates because most people aim for the head..its what your supposed to do but i dont like this technique

      also what i said about being smaller, your supposed to do the tech from close to clinch range using bridging to enter and the punches to finish but if you dont seriously injure that person lolo hes gonna whop your ass and most people arent gonna stand there and get hit

      anyway long story short im not a fan of the technique but not saying chain pucnhing is bad..i just dont like it that much, id use it in the ring maybe but not in reality. and i dunno any wing chun teachers in my area although nyc is about 2 hours from where im at and they got just about everything.
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        we miss bruce


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