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Trying to Study in a Chinese Shaolin Temple.

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  • Trying to Study in a Chinese Shaolin Temple.

    I've been trying to find a temple to spend an entire year learning Kung Fu in China. I had applied to the Runan School of Kung Fu in Nanhai, however I am at the moment completely unable to get in contact with them. There phone line is down, there e-mail address is no longer valid, which leads me to believe they may very well no longer exist, the last contact I had with the was about March of this year.

    This is a surprise because they were a big school, and based in a truly superb temple.

    Has anyone heard anything of their fate/demise? Or are they simply not taking foreign students anymore?

    Failing that I'll have to look for somewhere else. Although I have no martial arts background I am not looking for an easy ride, the reason I liked Nanhai was because they had long days: 6 in the morning till about 8 in the evening, 5 days a week. I've seen various people around that have gone tot he same place and posted videos etc. but none of their contact details remain valid. It was also near-ish to Shanghai where some friends of mine will be doing their year abroad for their Chinese studies course, so I'd have somewhere to go on the weekends.

    In any case I am going to Shanghai on the 1st October, and will knock on the door at Nanhai and see if there's anyone there to take me on board.

    Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Two things. I've said these before.

    Don't believe what you see on the internet. Especially with regards to these Chinese schools. Or anything Chinese for that matter.

    Don't even think that these people are internet savvy just because there is a web site. I've only found these schools to be on top of their email capabilities when they've had foreigners helping them with their email / web sites.

    As far as going, if you want "shaolin" why go to Nanhai? There are literally thousands of these gong fu schools in China; they start and go out of business on a daily basis.

    Peruse the forums and the site. There's a lot of information that you'll find helpful. Oh, and October is a bad time to start; a lot of these schools shut down in January and February for holidays (and horrible weather up by Shaolin temple).
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      i think it lucky to study in shaolin temple


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