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  • Shi Yan Jun 34generation

    One of the most talented monk I ever Seen Starts Up a new school In ZhengZhou (henan).

    Shi Yon Jun, started to Train shaolin gongfu in his childhood under Shi Xian Qian while at Songshan Shaolin Shi.
    In95, he received the first place at a shaolin gong fu competiton.
    Aug95, was invited in HongKong to demonstrate his skill on tv.
    96, was invited in japan ,for the same reason, in a gongfu congress.
    May96, scored second place (-48kg) in a competition of Sanda (chinese Kick boxing) held in ZhengZhou capital of Henan.
    June96, Displayed his skill on National tv, while attending military service. In same year his picture was on the first page of a Russian magazine.
    While at the "International Shaolin Martial Arts Separated" he took the first place for his Stick form.
    97-98 was invited to teach chinese kick boxing at the army.
    99-00, was invited in Fujian (southern shaolin temple) to teach buddhist meditation, martial arts, and other aspects of his art.
    Chinese new year2000, was in a tv-documentary on fujian monestery broadcast on Fujian Dongnan TV.
    Year 2000, he join the Nothern shaolin Academy to teach foreigners and pass on to the world traditionnal shaolin gongfu.
    Chinese new year2002, he was the english translater of the "first english competition" held in DengFengCity, shaolin shi.

    In the two years that he spent teaching foreigners he learnt quickly english (which he used today with ease), he also of good basis on korean and japanese as well as a little french.

    During the years that I spent in China I had the occasion to meet up with loads of shaolin master, and so far he has been the most impressive.
    He his highly respected by other monks and I wish for anyone who would like to learn shaolin gongfu, buddhism or sanda to seek him out!

    If you have any question please email me to this address.

    nb: a web site his in preparation.
    nb2: for the Sars... Henan his sars free for more than a month now... , well even if people stare at me if I sneeze or anything.
    nb3:for the fees. Starting at 3500 rmb (less than 400us) a month for short term student food and boarding include. don t think u cant get a best deal...

    well.. be blessed
    E Mi Do Fu

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    You are practically correct about everything you mentioned about Shi Yan Jun. He has great kungfu abilities, and more importantly, is a sincere, open, intelligent Shaolin monk. I first met him while on the bus from Shaolin to Dengfeng.

    It was a funny situation as the money collector overcharged me 2 kuai for a fare that should be 1 kuai. Even funnier was that I was the only laowai on the whole bus, and because the bus was practically full, I sat behind the front passenger's seat facing the entire busload of people. I protested that the trip should only cost 1 kuai, and the whole bus started laughing as they all knew I was getting ripped off cause I'm laowai. Then, Shi Yan Jun striked up a conversation with me in surprisingly clear English. We hung out later that day, and had great fun. The best thing about Zhang, as he likes to be called, is he has a great sense of humor. He has taught many foreigners, and enjoys having a good joke, even at the sake of Chinese cultural differences. The other thing I like about him is he is very modest about his abilities, and his elite status as an official Shaolin monk, which is often flaunted in these parts.

    Zhang is currently working with me on my documentary about Shaolin Kungfu for the next 3 months (Sept.-Dec 2003), and will be available afterwards to teach. We have been discussing about him visiting Los Angeles (my home) and teaching Shaolin kungfu there.

    Hanguo Lao Hu


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      Well there it goes,
      shi yan jun first web site.. it is full of bug (and most of the links do not work ) but I will make sure to fix that quickly.


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        It is just the start page now.... neither the English or whatever else thing on the front page works...
        practice wu de


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          English does work.. but you kinda have to go up and down a little bit on the front page....

          don t even dare to ask me why!


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            OK, works now...
            practice wu de


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              Yep!... Shi Yan Jun (Zhang) is truly a great guy. I met him inside the Shaolin temple, and he ws kind enough to introduce me to The Abbot (YongXin), where we spent quite a while in the Abbott's chambers talking about Kung Fu, etc.

              He's a very friendly guy, and we stay in touch via email quite frequently. I wish him all the best with his new school.


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                hey i am new to this forum and thisschool seems like a good choice for gung fu training
                i would like to know if anyone knows if his school is still open in china and what are the costs


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