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Da Mo Sword

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  • Da Mo Sword

    Looking for any history or source of Shaolin's Damo Sword


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    This is a jian (long sword) form that was suposivly created by Damo, altho this is questionable.
    sorry thats all i got


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      If your referring to the sword you can buy thats part of the Shaolin forge collection, then, there's nothing special about it at all. Just a sword with the name "Damo" smacked on it to associate it with Shaolin. Just a name, nothing more, nothing less. From what I understand, the entire Shaolin Forge collection is just another case of a company using the Shaolin name for their benefit.

      If you go to Shaolin you'll see the Shaolin biscuits for sale in the stores at Shaolin village and on the road leading up to Shaolin. I didn't actually buy any so I don't know what they are. Cookies or something I think. The're just funny to see. A food named Shaolin so and so. Hahaha..... I wanted to buy some just for shits and giggles. In hindsight I should have at least taken a pic so you guys could have seen 'em. Oh well..

      Actually, when Yongxin finishes that whole banning use of the Shaolin name, it'll be interesting to see what things stay around and what goes. Will the Shaolin Forge swords stay ? Will Shaolin Biscuits stay ??? If they do, that would mean these companies are backed by Yongxin himself, right ? That's great. I could just see a T.V. add with Yongxin holding a box of Shaolin biscuits and monks flipping left and right behind him.

      Ahhhh.... The future of Shaolin will be magnificent !
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        there are many sword forms in shaolin. some from outside shaolin. some from inside. sword forms like the eight immortals sword (chin. baxianjian 八仙剑) and seven star sword (chin. qixingjian 七星剑) suggest that they came from outside. whereas dragon chanting sword (chin.: longyinjian 龙吟剑) was created at shaolin monastery by the venerable qiuyue chanshi (秋月禅师). bodhidharma sword (chin. damojian 达摩剑) suggests the same. although, the name damo is given to many weapon and empty hand forms in shaolin as a way to venerate the master. not that he actually created them.

        the main sword forms practiced in shaolin are:

        1) dragon spring sword (chin. longquanjian 龙泉剑)
        2) bodhidharma sword (chi. damojian 达摩剑)
        3) willow sword (chin. liujian 柳剑)
        4) seven star sword (chin. qixingjian 七星剑)

        i have been taught the longquanjian and damojian. others i know have learned the damojian and liujian. i dont know anyone who has learned the qixingjian or baxianjian, as these two suggest development outside of shaolin. especially the baxianjian which is daoist. but the first three i listed seem to be the most common.


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          I recently learned the damojian, the version I know is here on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFV7-tmiKVE

          It can be found under Shaolin Wushu Guan coach Shi Xiang Qian damo sword. I imagine that since it is a wushu coach in this video it is a Wushu version.

          I have seen one other version performed it is nice too.

          I don't think I have ever seen liujian. Anybody have video/link?


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            No, I don't think I have it anywhere on the site.
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