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A seriously interesting question!

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  • A seriously interesting question!

    This question is only for those here that train gongfu. If you are not a gongfu practitioner, this does not consern you.
    -Dear russbo member- Are you/do you consider yourself a fighter?

    I want to clarify. This is not a question about authenticity or styles or different types of fighter etc. Its a plain and simple question so dont read any crazy mystical philosofical shit into it!

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    mind defining "fighter?"


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      im a soldier of love...
      "Life is a run. In attack we run, in defense we run. When you can no longer run, time to die" - Shichiroji "Seven samurai"


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        well i too am a soldier of love hahahahah. A fighter? A person who considers himself ready, willing and able to fight when ever he finds himself in a position were it can be useful. selfdefense situations not envolving guns, standing up for and defending a friend in need, standing up to any one trying to put you down, accepting a challenge from another fighter or a person who wants to kick your ass in the street or at the club or what ever. A fighter does not back down from a good scrapping. If you can only consider fighting in extreme crystal clear life threatening situations, where you can't run away, then i would not consider you a fighter - rather you are a normal person who would defend your self when forced too, and thats not really the same thing, even my mommy would do that. Most or almost all shaolin and so called shaolin and regular gongfu practitioners lean this way. You can't challenge them to a fair and open scrap cause theyll give you that "only in self defense" talk- mostly it's because they are chickens and they don't know anything about fighting and therefor should stop calling themselves, fighters or warriors etc.
        I'm looking for those of you here who consider yourself fighters, who go beyond that of only fighting in extremely clear cut self defens situations where they can't run away as they would if given a chance. You who would stand your ground and fight to the best of your ability and loose if you loose or win if you win( no stabbing weapons or guns envolved- in such case any fighter who doesnt have a death wish would avoid fighting too). PLease put aside any thoughts of values here, avoiding the "good or bad" discussion. I only want to know how many consider themselves fighters, disregarding the pros and cons of actually being or not being one. To be crystal clear- it is not about any one being better than the next one because he is or is not a fighter- non of that!!!
        How many of you consider yourself a fighter?


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          i'd of course use my ability to defend myself or others in a serious situation. and i have also accepted challenges from other martial artists (and won) who had thought i wasnt tough.

          but i wouldnt fight when there is no reason to, such as when "someone tries to put me down". but if they try to swing on me, thats a different story. those challengers i've had in the past started out saying i dont look like much. i didnt care. but when they challenged, i accepted and put them down.

          fighting when there's no reason doesnt make you a fighter, it makes you a bully. thats not a case where it is useful. so i'd rule that requirement out. but this is your topic. you set the rules. am i a fighter?


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            I would call you a fighter, from your description- yes definetly. Fighting for no reason? why would anybody do that? The question was do you consider/call yorself a fighter? Now i would suppose you do- but if you don't - start calling yoursefl what you are and keep doing what you do. You seem to be a righteous guy willing to fight for a good cause like helping some one etc whereas most people would only go as far as talking if they interfere at all.
            So is it fair to say that we so far have two guys that calls themselves fighters- LFJ and master-lu?
            Any more fighters? If you are unsure of what distinguishes a fighter please read my previous post. Once again it's not a big deal it's a simple question, your being or not being a fighter does not make you a better or worse person- it's not about that. I only want to know about the mindset of members here. how many calls themselves fighters? Please don't be shy


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              that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet........


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                Hey! That is not an answer to my question!!!


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                  "Arhat, I am your father..."
                  -the Dark Lord Cod


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                    lfj isnt a fighter, hes a wushu dancer that gets lucky he only gets aggression from gay men who slap box.

                    fighters are people who fight.

                    i havent fought in awhile so im not a fighter, but when i start fighting i will be so i have to answer no to the original post atm.

                    "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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                      Arhat's back!

                      The prodigal son has returned....

                      Come out to Vegas man. You're in desperate need of some iron head training. Doc style...
                      Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

                      "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

                      (more comments in my User Profile)


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                        You are not only a fighter when you fight. A soldier is a soldier even when he is not at war. As long as he is training for it and polishing his skill and ready for combat he is a soldier, that can be sent to the front. I am a fighter even if I'm not fighting right now. I train 4 days a week and i am ready to fight at any given time if needed. I am a fighter.


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                          its not what you say, think, or believe that defines you, its what you DO that defines who you are.

                          if your a soldier your a soldier your right. but if a soldier doesnt belong to an army or whatever hes just a guy that trains for war.

                          there are plenty of vets who were soldiers..they arent anymore. there are plenty of atheletes who were whatever but they arent THAT anymore.

                          if your a fighter thats great, but imho a fighter fights.
                          "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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                            Yes a fighter fights and when he does not he maintains readyness. Sure some soldiers are not really soldiers they don't like what they are doing they are just guys forced to train fore or take part in war. But now we are splitting hairs, discussing extensive details. I only want to know how many of you on this forum considers yourself a fighter- a question of mindset, I am not asking who actually is a fighter- get it? there is a big difference. Like i said in the beginning I'm not looking for any genuine fighter or whatever so please refrain from discussing what a genuine fighter is etc.. I gave a brief simple defenition of a fighter- an example, please use those parameters as they are satisfactory criteria- not perfekt criteria, not complete and absolute but, basic and satisfactory- like a frame work. This question seems to be very hard to answer... Once again please do not go to deep into this with hairsplitting detail. It's meant as a simple question, a yes or no answer with a short explanation will suffise. I think this is interesting, I thank LFJ once again for a great answer to my question. Any one else mind giving it a try?


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                              Originally posted by Maestro View Post
                              its not what you say, think, or believe that defines you, its what you DO that defines who you are.
                              i never called myself a fighter. and i've never learned modern wushu. so i cant be a dancer of that. by your definition are you a fighter only in the moment of fighting? and at the end of the fight, no longer?


                              for a simple question, i think arhat gave the most simple answer so for: "fighter".


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