The other day Shi Fengfa was kind enough to share time in Guangxiao Si.

I think i already stated how bombing civilians didnt seem a good idea to me and even killing talibans without cleaning our own table in kashmir, gaza, chechenia, sudan, tchad (i dont understand, i just read the news). I had sent a mail 2 my politikal friends in france about padmasambava, from pakistan, isnt it isnt it?, converting the demons without using violence, isnt it isnt it?

On Qu Yuan festival i went Guangxio Si, temple of bright fillial piety, 2 c -my- (my???) master Shi Jieding.

Me born solar 5/5/72 dreamt i was drowing in water and too tired to live, sarted breathing water.

Actually when i was 5 years or so, i often that dream i was falling in2 Ocean but knew i was dreaming and tat way 2 escape was turning in my bed 2 face wall.

In 2009 yet i made that dream of drowing in the water.

The next day i read in the newspaper, a french commercial plane was struck by a storm and drown in2 Ocean.

Mysterious and dangerous and risky is karma of individuals.


So with Shi Fengfa i restated my plan i had about the red mosk. Just make a cirkle around 'em and give them the chance 2 surrender and have a shelter, appropriate food and nonviolent teaching, which would feat angulimala sutta, or kill themselves from thirst.

I dont know how realistik this plan, i guess it is not.

Better use planes and kill civilians.

In war u kill civilians

In Gaza u kill children.

Shi Fengfa didnt seem 2 disagree and added that needs compassio to end the suffering of all involved, animals, hungry ghosts, humans. Maybe the army should b more veg?


What do u think please?