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To be a real Chinese Martial Art School?

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  • To be a real Chinese Martial Art School?

    1) To be a real Chinese Martial Art School. Does the name really matter I mean the name half Chinese Half Japanese. Like Shaolin Do, Shaolin Kempo, Shaolin Tsu Kempo, Karate Kung Fu Do, Chuan Fa do. ect

    2) To be a real Chinese Martial Art School. Do you have to learn the Chinese Terminology, that means not to use Japaneses Terminology.

    3) To be a real Chinese Martial Art Shcool. Do you have to use Chinese Uniform and not the japanese uniform. Because there are chinese Northren schools using Suothren uniforms.

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    1.) The name is the most obvious indicator of "Chinese" authenticity.

    2.) If the terms are in Japanese, you're probably not learning a Traditional Chinese Martial Art. The names stem from tradition, you see? However it's not 100%. Just a trend.

    3.) Belted systems are not the norm of Chinese MA

    You'll have to do your own research as to whether or not it's a TCMA school/style. But here are some guidelines on what to look for:

    1.) TCMA originates from China.

    That's all there is to it. If their story sounds fishy, it's probably because they are trying to sell you the idea that they are a Chinese Martial Art.
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