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    Doc, I figured I'd post our experience from our trip with shifu XingYing.

    We were only in Beijing for a day and a half and it was cool but dirty as shit! The wall was cool and we ate some Peking (sp?) duck.

    Went to the temple and met up with shifu’s friends. We spent a lot of time with Shi Yan Wen and one other monk, I think his name was Yong (or Yan) Xi. They hooked us up with teachers; one was real good with double broad sword and the other with 3 section staff. They got them to train us in weapons with apps. because they were the “best” in those weapons at the temple. Training was tiring running up the mountain at 5:30 am then train for 2-3 hours, a break then back to the temple for another 2-3 hours in the afternoon. We trained all but the last day inside the temple and had some nice back stage access in some of their training areas inside when it got too hot. The last day we were inside at the Wushu Guan.

    I jammed the hell out of my left thumb and Yan Wen took me to see some BIG lady in Dengfeng in some back alley. She had me sit on some little stool and her husband sat behind me on a bed and held my shoulders. She proceeded to push with her thumbs right on the joint HARD and I would have dropped her like a sack of potatoes if I didn’t take 2 Vicodins before we left. Needless to say it hurt like hell and I guess she was just checking to see if it was back in the socket and not broken. YanWen payed her $50 Yuan and wouldnt take any money from me. It was black and swollen. The next day I got to go into the medicine room and they put some stuff (Jow) on it a few times and it helped with the swelling. I also sliced my hand with the DBS and I have blood on the blades and flags which is a cool memento.

    The first day we stayed at the Wushu Guan and the rest of the time we stayed at the top of Shoalin village in a newly renovated house. It was one of the government ones. All the way top left up the road. We ate mostly at the Gov. restaurant at the bottom of the village and it was ok. Almost all of us got sick but not bad enough we couldn’t train. It was a pain in the ass to walk up that big hill after training in the afternoon as we were all tired.

    Our days went like this:
    Down the hill and up the mountain (5:30 am) then up the hill to the room, then down half way to eat breakfast, then up half way to pick up our stuff, then back down to the temple to train, then back up to rest, then down half way to eat lunch, then back up half way to rest, then back down to train again, then back up to shower and rest, then back down half way to eat, then back up to sleep. We all didn’t do the mountain every day, that’s too much. Not sure how far from the gate to the house but we figured it was 2/3 of a mile maybe a bit more? Hard to tell because it was real uphill.

    We didn’t think the temple was too commercial. There are a few shops and things but there were only a handful of “vendors” all the way to the left between the Pagoda forest and the front gate selling stuff. The first day the master met us outside the gate and brought us in and the rest of the time we just walked in without a problem. YanWen brought us back to some of the living quarters and other areas.

    Everyone was watching as a few of us got our names. It was funny. Ohhhhhhh lauwie, lauwie!

    Ill post the other masters names and proper form names we learned. I have them written down but not with me. We did see a few other Lauwie and it seemed they didn’t get the same attention we got. I would assume this is because we went with XingYing. At least we have some connects their now if some of us go back without shifu.

    Overall it was a great trip and very tiring. Ill run a lot more before the next trip as the altitude was a killer.

    Peace out
    Yong Xiang

    Hello 50, Hello Hello 30, Hello 20, Very beautiful, Hello 20

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    Oh and we got some video of DeYang doing Da Hong Quan in the front of the temple. He was shooting some video of TV and he called Shifu to let us know he was going to be around. It was very cool. We got some pics with him as well. He had just come back form a trip and was only there a few days before we were leaving so we didn't get any training time with him this trip.


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      Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Good that you had a nice time and came back safely.

      What did you learn from your trip?
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