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Shaolin Temple and reality television....

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  • Shaolin Temple and reality television....

    China kung fu temple switches on to reality TV

    Fri Nov 18, 2:36 AM ET

    China's ancient Shaolin Temple, made famous in the West by Grasshopper in the 1970s "Kung Fu" television series, is entering the age of reality TV with a show its own.

    "Chinese Kung Fu Star Search" will invite viewers to vote for their favorite martial arts masters by text messages or through the Internet after each episode, due to hit living rooms across China in March, Xinhua news agency said on Friday.

    "Regardless of nationality, skin color or style, anyone who practises Chinese kung fu is welcome to take part," Xinhua said.

    "But all contestants must be men and Shaolin monks are not allowed to participate."

    The eight-month contest is aiming to knock the "Inner Mongolian Cow Sour Yoghurt Supergirl" show from top spot in China's ratings.

    More than 400 million of China's 1.3 billion people tuned in to August's final round of the "Supergirl" competition, a Chinese version of the "American Idol" show.

    In the Shaolin show, judges and viewers will rank contestants by virtue, kung fu and artistry until they settle on a final 108, the same number as the rebellious heroes from the classic Chinese novel, "Outlaws of the Marsh."

    The finalists would then get the chance to perform alongside "top international actors" in a big-budget movie and television series based on true stories from the 1,500-year-old temple in central Henan province, Xinhua said.

    It is all part of abbot Shi Yongxin's efforts to promote the temple, which has inspired countless movies in China and Hong Kong but is perhaps best known in the West as the training grounds of David Carradine's main character, Kwai Chang Caine, in "Kung Fu."

    Shi has been trying to protect the Shaolin name by applying for international trademarks and to update the image and facilities of the once-secretive temple, now a popular draw for Chinese and foreign tourists.

    Yongxin has an interesting way of "promoting" the temple....
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    It really sounds like the world is collapsing. Money and fame really ARE priorities everywhere and for everyone now. But they are just copying a model that apparently seduced the whole world (......), so i don't find anything particulary chocking in that. True Shaolin was dead decades ago and we all know it. That is sad, but it is just the logical issue of a natural process.

    Even worst, i would really like to see that show!

    Ain't there any of the prodigies from this forum who would like to join? According to what i read from some here we must have some winners around here?
    The East? The West?

    Men and Women, that's all...


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      mtv is doing a thing on warrior something or other along the same lines as this. imo its all gay. you not gonna find real warriors doing this. even in the states we have the ULTIMATE FIGHTER show which has the MMA guys. crazily enough a chinese martial artists got to the finale round this time and almost won the last fight, the other grappler guy won but..atleast the cma guy got to the end. and imo that cma was crap, his hands were ok, his grappling defense was very good, his conditioning was pretty good, but we was a welter weight so i guess i expected to much when it comes to power, although with his choy lay futt background imo he should have been much faster, clf guys have very fast strikes, or atleast the ones that are good..

      and shaolin is dead, dead as a damn door nail or whatever. the monks, the more i watch these demos(ie the better i get) the less i become impressed. and not because im arrogant or whatever i know what it takes to do what they do, but their gung fu isnt what it should be, if they wanna call themselves shaolin monks you gotta know what that means, you cant be bullshitting around. de cheng for instance, is good, from what ive seen and heard from people whove trained with him(my sifu) hes damn good. but, i dunno man my sifu in HK was off the ****ing hook. i never ever will forget what i was taught and what i witnessed in HK it was on a level i didnt even know existed, and that is the level the so called "shaolin monks" ought to be on, and they ARENT! espcially these young bastards, its like wtf, they are the young monks they are supposed to be the crazy ones and my sifu is middleaged and he put every damn demo ive seen to shame, to SHAME. and trust me, ive seen hundreds if not thousands of demos, i have been obssesed with kung fu and specially shaolin for years now and my presence on this forum alone is proof. i used to be all keyed up about the so called "new videos" weve been supposed to get for the last 2 years but now, meh **** it just more shaolin bullshit i could careless about.
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        well, maestro...I hear what our saying, but if your going to defame the monks and the wake of your teachers' abilites, because you believe they have gone beyond the "monks," then you ought to allow people a comparison or two........... or else your reactions/ observations will eventually mean less and less. And if you don't want people to ask, there's no reason to bring it up...again.

        Is it not similar to saying "hey, my teachers can disperse clouds?" Really? Let's see it!
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          I think everyone is missing the point here, can this show knock out Inner Mongolian Cow Sour Yoghurt Supergirl? Or is Yongxin aiming to high?

          Out of curiousity, vince, you talking about O or are you training with someone else these days?
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            yknow what..all i gotta say is i wish yan ming or guolin or one of those bastards would whip out a black lion in HK on new years. i would be the first one with the vid camera ON.

            not just my sifu is superior, alot of people are. their skills are good, they are fast, pretty powerful..some of em, alot of i cant tell u how many demos ive seen where these guys lift the heel in bow/arrow. sounds stupid but u know what that means? bow/arrow is the stance most often used to deliver power in shaolin, when u lift the heel the power is gone, your root is gone, and you can be pushed over by my pinky.

            watch some of the demos on this site youll see. then go watch de yang or one of the good ones, youll see. but oh no, the shaolin monks are perfect they are supreme even though they dont even know what the **** their doing.

            anyway, the point is, theres a shit load of people who are better then these monks. chen xiao wang would rip each and every one of em a new asshole. and hes chen taiji. u dunno who he is..well lets just say hes one of many who are capable of the same shit.
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              no im not talking about sifu here dao, im talking about my sifu in HK. and atm im not training with anyone(but i train daily) i had to leave china(dont ask..) and i cant get a flippin job in this barren wasteless shitty, stupid **** having, whacked out ****ing town, shit hole. and i need moneys to get back, i dunno how long i have..its hard to explain, dont really wanna atm anyway, regardless sifu here could open some whoopass..please you know him, you arent aware of all his skills could you. but man..its ridiculous the ignorance that abounds about these monks, makes me flip sometimes thinkin about it, they get so much glory and fame and respect when in reality, in the past they wouldnt even be called senior monk, theyd be the farmers or something stupid
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                oh btw dao when i said my sifu trained with de cheng i did mean sifu here in ct, not sifu in HK. if u knew who and where sifu in HK trained with u may do a back flip.
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                  I've been living in HK for a year and half now and have yet to see find any good school/sifu and am missing kung fu so badly, obviously I'm looking in the wrong places. I trained with Shi Yanzi and Yanlei in London before coming here and found their training to be excellent. Could you tell me who your sifu here was, I'd love to look him up and begin training again, whip my fat ass into shape and learn some good stuff again.

                  If you don't want to post it here I hope we can find some other way to comunicate...




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                    your being silly now...


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                      Yesterday, the Henan Mt. Songshan Shaolin Temple of1500 the history and Shenzhen satellite TV holds the release conference in Beijing, initiates together "seeks Chinese kungfu star " the activity, will elect the best skilled kungfu guy worldwide. Activity through to "moral, kungfu skill, art" many qualities examination, finally will choose 108 real men will attend the soap opera " Legend of Monk Soldier -- Shaolin Temple". competetion procedure do not limit the performance way, include optional kungfu forms and optional other skill. the domestic 6 big hosts contest area respectively will select "18"each. In the minute contest area competition stage, "18" after the basic skills test, the optional performance, the performance competition, the beautiful woman test, the audiencephonemessage support and actual combat PK produce "three top guys". "Three top guys" of 6 areas build up 18arhats of Chinese kungfu. international contest area respectively produces " foremost person in the field", formation "overseas regiment". Then, finally definitely choose the best three of all.

                      The time arrangement :

                      General contest : From March 16, 2006 to April 15, 2006

                      Section contest: From April 16, 2006 to June 30, 2006;

                      Global final: From July 1, 2006 to August 15, 2006.

                      The victor plays the Hollywood blockbuster movie This competition final victor is invited to play 40 volumes of epic poem TV serial "Monk of Soldier Legend -Shaolin Temple", simultaneously also the of the same name international movie which will manufacture in Hollywood and the movie "New Shaolin Temple" center plays an important role the lead.

                      Regarding the active goal, Shaolin Temple abbot Shi Yongxin denies this as"the commercial activity". He indicated that, the Chinese kungfu is the Chinese nation traditional culture important constituent. The Chinese gongfu showed the world spirit of Chinese people.
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                        shaolin science, cool your in hong kong!! damnit i didnt know any russboians lived there! dude, if u cant find a good kung fu school in hk your crazy man. i mean..jesus hk is like the heart and soul of southern shaolin, not to mention a **** load of other styles

                        email me
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                          I always heard mainland kungfu was much better. Also demos I have seen from hongkong weren't very good.

                          I read a book by robert smith a long time ago. He said the same thing, All the best kungfu he saw was from the mainland.

                          Now I know I could be wrong, just my experiance.


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                            Do you have any information on how to be a contestant on this "kungfu star search" show?
                            Are there any other opportunities such as this that are floating around out there in the entertainment industry?

                            i appreciate the newsletter sendings

                            thank you,

                            jason triplett


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                              Shaolin will select "108 Generals' from demestic and oversea

                              With the closure of activity of " Super Girls" and <<Dream China>>, Shaolin Temple will selecte " Kungfu Star" to consist of "108 Generals", which is originated from a famours China's classical novel ,named <<outlaw of marsh>> ----108 heros, from China and all of the world. But if you want to enter before third place, need pass the "beauty fort".
                              At ten o'clock on 17th, November,2005, the release news ceremony of the first senion of " China kungfu star ,k-star" global TV match hold in the State Council grandly, which was started by Shengzhen TV Channel and Shaolin Temple.

                              It's reported that this activity set up six competition areas together, they are : Beijing.Shanghai .Chengdu .Shengyang . Zhengzhou, and Shengzhen( which is also the recroll center for global appliers), and the whole competition divided into three parts: oversea selected period from 16th, March ,2006 to 15th, April ,2006; seperate area selected period from 16th, April ,2006 to 30th, June,2006; Champion selected period from 1, July,2006 to 15th, August,2006.

                              There is no any limit about the performance ways in the first period, you can give a full play to perform, and the choose through public appraisal'scontents is basic on self-selected kungfu Taolu and selecetd talent and intelligence showing .According oversea selected, there will selecet 18 Generals from each area, so total 108 Generals, and then after the test of Basic kungfu, self-selected kungfu Demostration, talent and ability and intelligence showing, beauty fort, audiences sending messages support and practice PK, first three places will be born!


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