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  • Trademarks (again!)

    just found this on the web :
    thought in might be of interest here
    see the link at the end for the whole page

    From The Buddhist Channel news site
    (copyed here as the site only keep items of news for a week or so)

    Shaolin temple fights to protect trademark
    PTI, Aug 1, 2007

    DENGFENG, China -- The monks of the world-famous Shaolin temple, set up here in central China for an Indian monk in 495 AD, is fighting against increasing misuse of the ‘Shaolin’ trademark by unscrupulous traders, even in India, for commercial purposes.

    “It is our historical responsibility to protect and rejuvenate the unique culture of Shaolin,” Shi Yongxin, the Abbot of Shaolin temple, nestled in the foothills of the sacred mount Songshan, said.

    The Shaolin temple is widely considered the birthplace of Shaolin Boxing, a unique combination of Buddhism and the Chinese martial arts that evolved into Kung Fu.

    The Buddhist temple made famous by dozens of Kung Fu movies, has registered ‘Shaolin’ and ‘Shaolin temple’ as trademarks with China’s general administration for industry and commerce, the Abbot said. It has also set up a firm to safeguard the temple’s reputation and ban its ‘abusive use’ in commercial activities.

    “We have registered our trademarks in many foreign countries, including India,” Shi said. He had visited India in 1995 and is emphatic when asked about growing misuse of the Shaolin trademark.

    “We will take appropriate action against those who abuse the Shaolin trademark for commercial purposes without explicit authorisation,” Shi took over the reins of China’s most famous temple in 1999. Acknowledging the Shaolin temple’s India connection, Shi noted China and India, both having ancient civilisations, are close neighbours with friendly exchanges dating back to ancient times.

    The temple was established in 495 AD. As a believer of Buddhism, emperor Xiaowen worshipped Batuo, an Indian monk then spreading Buddhism in Luoyang. He ordered to build a temple for him at the north foot of Shaoshan mountain. Batuo was the first eminent monk that came to Shaolin, he said.

    link to whole page,4584,0,0,1,0


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    Yongxin tried to protect his "trademark" in Austria, and lost.

    I can understand why he's working so hard on this, but, it seems like its an expensive and losing battle.
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      Originally posted by doc
      Yongxin tried to protect his "trademark" in Austria, and lost.

      I can understand why he's working so hard on this, but, it seems like its an expensive and losing battle.
      yes i know what you mean only time will tell how much time and money will be spent on this type of thing

      looks like it's in the same vain as the Microsoft vs Lindows

      Microsoft feared that a court may define "Windows" as generic and result in the loss of its status as a trademark
      could this be the case with shaolin at it's more a place than a specfic thing
      you could say it's a bit like trademarking the name of a city or town

      In the end Microsoft got the trademark but it cost them $24 million
      paid to Lindows (see the above link for full details)

      but it's unlikly shaolin will or could spend that much!

      but what ever happens there i many better uses of the money!



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        It would be so interesting I think if anything came of this. Imagine if all the "monks" aorund the world were forced to drop "Shaolin" or "Shaolin temple" from their school names. I wonder what would happen to their business....
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          I think that is what Yongxin was trying to do at one time, and what they ultimately lost out on in Austria... I have not been able to follow it as of late though.
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