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just curious: meeting women in Shaolin / Henan

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  • just curious: meeting women in Shaolin / Henan

    I was wondering, like how this China tours thing goes, is there a chance to meet Chinese young ladies, who study martial arts? I mean, would there be a possibility of meeting them? one thing too, is the aids thing.

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    According to the Chinese government, Henan province has about 50000 cases of HIV/AIDS. According to the world health experts that have evaluated the situation, Henan province has over one million cases, probably the most "infected" provinces in China. From my experiences there, meeting young women can be very difficult. For one, most do not speak English, and the ones that do, do so poorly. Also, young women there are dealing with the "prostitute perception" issue; woman that are seen with foreigners are automatically assumed to be hookers by the general population. I've met very few women there that were worth the time or trouble. I did have one girlfriend there for many years; she was actually an attractive young thing who spoke no English.

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      an attractive young thing who spoke no English.
      Sometimes I envy you doc.....

      practice wu de


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