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    A brief introduction to DENGFENG

    Deng feng county in Henan Province is situated at the southern foot of Songshan Mountain 76 kilometers from ZHENGZHOU, the provincial capital. it covers 1,220 square kilometers and has a population of 550,000. Owing to its locaton at 34'20 N and 113'15 E, it has the continental climate of a northern temperate zone. With spectacular geological and topografic feautures, Dengfeng has a beautiful landscape dotted with many historical mountains and sites, The county is also the birthplace of shaolin wushu, the most famous school of Chinese martial arts.During the tourist season, people from all over the world flock to the area for holiday.

    One of China's earliest settlements , Dengfeng has many historical sites and legends about the ancestors and founders of the Chinese nation ----Fu xi( the Great Bright One), Huangdi( the Yellow Emperor), emperors Yao and Shun , and Yu the Great, The districs of Dengfeng were defined and named by imperial decrees in ancient times and have remained unchanged ever since. Of Dengfeng's more than 160 historical mountains and sites, six have been designated for State protection and 16 for provincial protection , These include the site of the 7,000 -year-old Peiligang culture, the site of the 4,000-year-old Longshan culture, ruins of the city of Yangcheng dating from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty(770-221 B.C.)the three stone towers built during the Han Dynasty(206 B.C-A. D.220), Lord Zhou 's gnomon erected during the Western Zhou Dynasty (c.11th century--771 B.C), the observatory built during the Yuan Dynasty (1279--1368), China's oldest pagoda in Songshan Temple built during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386--534), the famous shaolin temple from which the Chan or Zen sect of Buddhism traces its origins, the magnificent Taoist Temple of Central Mountain , Songyang Academy---one of China's four best -know anciant institutes of learning, and two millennia--old cypresses which were awarded the title of general by a HAN Dynasty emperor ,Historians describe Dengfeng as a place where relics dating back the Qin and Han dynasties can be found everywhere and laud it as the heart of ancient China and a pear of Chinese culture.

    Spreading across Dengfeng like a huge dragon is Songshan , one of China's Five Sacred mountains, Songshan has 72 picturesque peaks, each bearing a name with a story behind it, The 20 most spectacular scinic spots are noted for their charming peaks, oddshaped rocks, clear pools and springs and forests of old trees. Songshan also features rock formations of various geological ages, providing evidence of crust movements from the Archeozoic to Proterozoic,Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. A rare treasure house of geological data, songshan is often referred to by geologests at home and abroad as a natural museum of geology.Furthermore, Songshan embaces all three religions of China----Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism,as reflected by the three anciant structures----shaolin temple , the Temple of Central MOuntain and Songyang Academy, representing the three religions respectively. Unlike China's other four sacred mountains , which are solely Buddhist, Songshan is a center of activity for various religions sects and academic schools. In anciant times, emperors and high-ranking officials often made special trips to the mountain to worship.

    Over the centuries, Dengfeng 's shaolin temple has developed a unique school of martial arts , or shaolin wu shu, which is loved by many both in China and abroad for its outstandinguse in fifness and self-defence. in recent years, the japanese League of shaolin Boxing , sponsored by So Doshin, and the American shaolin Boxing Society, among others , have come to shaolin temple to seek roots. At present, Dengfeng has over hundred wushu schools, institutes and centers with a total enrrollment of 50,000 trainees. The wushu center in shaolin temple is the largest of its kind in Asia . Over the years, wushu atheletes trained in Dengfeng have won 210 gold metals at wushu cometitions at provincial , national and international levels and successfully depended their championship at the Hennan Provincial wushu Free--Sparring Competition for the last three years.

    State leaders have come to inspect the work of Dengfeng many times. During the last decade, Dengfeng has received 15 million Chinese visitors and more than 150,000 foreign visitors from over 60 countries around the world.

    Aplace endowed with charming natural beauty, aboundant resources and a tradition of talented citizens, Dengfeng 's prospects are bright!!!

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    During the last decade, Dengfeng has received 15 million Chinese visitors and more than 150,000 foreign visitors from over 60 countries around the world.
    Look at the numbers, and I think the reason behind the past few years events at Shaolin becomes obvious.
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