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  • onesp1ng
    absolutely agree. the first time i went, brought two suitcases filled with crap and a backpack. second time: one suitcase and a backpack. this time i'm only bringing the backpack.

    the less you bring, the less problems you'll have. period. but if you want, you can always follow in my shoes and be the a**hole throwing stuff out in the airport cause your suitcase is too yup, i was that guy...

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  • doc
    started a topic Shipping stuff

    Shipping stuff

    how do you ship stuff you don't want to carry as luggage-do hotels do it or are there ups stores?
    You don't. That is, unless you want to see some kid in Beijing wearing your clothing.

    Shipping shit from China is a hit or miss proposition. You go to the post office, you pack the stuff in front of some customs guy in the Beijing post office, you seal it up, you pay the fee, and then your package disappears into the back, where, more than fifty percent of the time, it's opened, it's contents are shared with the other workers, and, the unwanted stuff eventually gets put on a ship only to show up at your house over two months later.

    I routinely got about half of what I shipped.

    Sending stuff for the russbo store was different. I used my Chinese compatriots to do it. I got everything successfully, that way.

    Shipping the other way, well, where would you ship it to? Hotel? Not going to happen. Hotels are not that sophisticated, and mail service is not that secure.

    If you need something there, bring it with you. If you can't carry it, you don't need it. Besides, you can get most of what you really need, to live and train there, there.

    My luggage would contain workout clothes, toiletries, medical bags, and electrical components bags. My backpack would have my laptop and cameras. Keep it simple; you'll find that you usually pack more than you need.

    For Thailand, swimsuit, t shirts, and undies. Oh, and a few pairs of sunglasses, as I'm terribly photosensitive.

    Forget the packing and shipping thing. It won't work.
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