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  • Topic Six: Inspiration and Education

    Copied from the Discussion Archive

    Lessons come to us in many forms; sometimes we get them in school, sometimes we learn from others that we respect, sometimes we learn from others that we don't respect. And sometimes we learn them on our own. But, regardless where we get our education from, one thing is certain. Life, an all the events that it throws at us, is an education. The idea is to realize that.

    The following is an email that I received. There are many points worthy of discussion.

    Hello Doc,

    My name is xxxx xxxxxx. I live in xxxxxxx. I am currently 19 years old and has been a practitioner of martial arts since I was 8. I studied and received my black belt in shotokan karate...but that was long ago. I have tried my best to observe many other arts like aikido, kendo, kung fu, and capoeira. My life has been deeply affected by the discipline and fundamentals martial arts instills in its students. However, I have been more independent and a little bit out of control for the past two years. My parents split up in the worst possible way in 1998, followed quickly by my mother's attempt at suicide and my having to move away in the middle of high school to help my mother deal with things. Everything changed. Things got worst and worst. My father had stopped sending money and my mom and us kids were evicted from our apartment and we were forced to move in with my aunt. I began drinking and going to one too many parties. I worked when I wasn't at school. And what little time I had to relax, I spent doing stupid things. When things couldn't possibly get worse, on Dec. xx, 2000, I was taken to the emergency room with stabbing chest pains and abdominal pains. I passed out and woke up three weeks later in the ICU. I had almost died. I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, organ infections, and became type 2 diabetic. It appears that my pancreas went out of whack and enzymes and fluids had leaked out, burning my lungs, kidney, and other organs. I was in the hospital until the end of January. I was then taken home for home health care. For another two months, I was still on Ivy and TPN (liquid food). My diet consisted of broth and water. I went from 265 lbs. to 220 lbs.

    I had a check up with my new gastroenterologist and according to my CT scans, I have developed a pancreatic pseudocyst (around April 2001). I have already missed a big part of senior year in high school and didn't wanna lose more. A surgery was due but I cancelled it and moved it to June xx, 2001 so I can attend my senior prom. After that, I went ahead with the operation and they ended up removing 6.5 liters of fluid from my belly. I had a 14 inch cut that was stapled shut. I stayed in the recovery room for two weeks and I was allowed to go home. I was still weak, but I planned on graduating. Graduate I did...but two days after that I started having pains again. I was rushed to the emergency room and the doctor simply said I had a bowel obstruction. I was set to go home on June 14, but that very morning, my blood pressure dropped fast and my color was deathly. I was knocked out and woke up two weeks later in the ICU. Apparently, the doctor was was more than an obstruction. My stomach had ruptured! The had to disconnect my stomach from my colon and open up my wound two times to keep draining out fluids. I was on a morphine drip for a long time and was barely aware of the things going on. My mom said I had about 11 tubes going into my stomach to keep draining things. I had developed bacterial infections as well. They installed an iliostomy bag so now I have a bag hanging out of my abdomen so waste can come out. I was released from the hospital on August xx, 2001. I was placed under home health care again. This time I went home with two tubes hanging out of my stomach. I was very weak. I just started walking about 2 weeks ago. I am currently 30% underweight. I have to start eating and get my strength back. I now weigh 155 lbs. I turn to God for help and my faith should be enough. But I know the discipline of martial arts will help me as well. I know you've been to China and to the temple. I'd like to be able to the same. Please tell me how I can do the same. I know the environment of the temple and the company of the monks will do more than heal me. I was born in the Philippines and I am also part Chinese. It shouldn't be too hard to adapt. Are there temples here in the US as well? Where? I need to do what you did....find the roots. Please help. Any advice would be welcome.
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    As one martial artist to another, I hope you get well. But I'm going to throw some cold water on your dreams.

    First of all, Doc was a doctor, atleast that's the impression. He knew alot about himself. He had done alot of medical training. What if you pass when you go over there?

    Second, he spend some money getting over there. How much money you got?

    Third, passport, you need one from what I read on the forums.

    Fourth the language barrior? You speak chinese?

    So now you heard my why you shouldn't do it. Now here's my suggestion, maybe check out a school in the U.S such as Doc's school in Las Vegas, or something like that.


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      I have to agree, I have never been to China (got close to going, but thats another story) but I think you could find better places to be if your health had a turn for the worse. I think TCM is brilliant for many things, but not for the type of stuff you have suffered. I suggest going to one of the western temples too, stick close to where you can get help.


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        It sounds like in his condition, he would be much better off training an internal style like taiji, or maybe xingyi since that builds up one's strength very fast.

        I say he should stay in the states and find a good xingyi teacher.


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          I wasn't sure how my response would be taken. Anyway, Tai chi is cool. I know someone who has a chen style spear form. I know there is tai chi for diabities, and artitis. What do you think of Paul Lam. Really neat. He's a black belt in the weapons program at the school I go to.


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