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Advice needed from someone experienced in breaking.

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  • Advice needed from someone experienced in breaking.

    How do you progress in breaking bricks?

    i.e. From 1 brick to 2 stacked without spacers?

    I have broken 1 brick with a knife hand strike and now another with a back fist

    I’m now looking of ways to train for breaking 2-stacked bricks with no spacers.

    any advice would be great ...
    Do or do not there is no try.

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    Do two with a spacer first... get your confidence up, and just remember to strike through the stack.
    practice wu de


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      thats a great point about the spacers first ..

      to me it seems quite a large jump from one brick to two.

      should you use different conditioning methods when approching multiple breaks?

      or should i continue droping different techniques onto sandbags

      maybe upgrade to smaller stones or something like that.
      Do or do not there is no try.


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        I haven't broken bricks and stuff in a long time, but when I did, I'd hit the pads a lot with my bare hand for a few weeks....

        other than that, I just tried it from time to time
        practice wu de


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          My teacher said on the subject of breaking, the people that impress him are those that can break baseball bats.
          "If you want pure self-defense buy a can of mace." Grandmaster Villari (I think that is it).


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            METAL bats. People who impress me are the people who tear phonebooks in half.
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              Really? I just always thought those people who could tear off beer caps with their teeth were pretty impressive. I mean, well, they always seemed so.....bohemian.




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                maybe use some burning palm technique to set fire to the phone book .. Grin

                In the national geographic program about Shaolin, i watched a technique where a book/newspaper was attached to a wall, and was continually hit, to condition the hand|fist. maybe they dont like telephone books too ...

                would you think the technique of blowing out candles with punches would help generate penatrating power needed for multiple stacked bricks that have no spacers.

                its along time till I have to attempt the 2 brick break, but i want to build apon and continue train and condition for it.

                now how effective|good is putting your hands into hot water then back into cold (what is it ment to achieve? harden bones? deaden nerves? ..

                with all breaking its it all just down to simple physics?

                Force = mass * acceleration

                so the faster you hit the object the more force you can generate to fracture the brick|object

                i know with any breaking technique you have to train to break through the object, i.e not not just hit the surface, you need to penertrate through it.

                up to now ive just used a sand bag and kept my hand relaxed and let it fall onto the sand bag with no added extra force, so Training dead weight strikes.

                To generate even greater penertration force, are there any other methods you can think of that could help.

                maybe even developing and using chi to aid the strike.

                cheers for your comments so far
                Do or do not there is no try.


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                  I think breaking is overrated. it's not so much a show of skill or strength as it is simply knowing how to perform the trick. I'm all jaded now, but I can still remember how much fun it was to break through a stack - my strike of choice was elbow strike....

                  That said, try using pennies as spacers. One penny in each corner of the bottom brick.
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                    Well I train my punching with the candle thing, but I haven't gone out to punch any bricks or anything. If you're going to use your built up power to punch stuff, your bones are gonna break. I effed up my knuckle punching stuff at a force that my fist couldn't handle.

                    I have never really gone to break any bricks, but I would assume a combonation of the things you mentioned would be most effective. Ask your teacher.
                    Becoming what I've dreamed about.


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                      The one thing I do like about breaking, is that it teaches you to hit THROUGH something.
                      practice wu de


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                        Ask Grand Master Seming Ma, he is an expert on Iron Palm and all those things. Write him at:


                        He is very open and a very kind person. He is the nephew of late GM Ark Y Wong of Five Families/Five Animals.

                        Hector Villarruel
                        Guadalajara, Jalisco


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                          Thank you for suggesting that I should contact Sifu Seming Ma

                          He trully is a very open and a very kind person, and has answered lots of my

                          questions about improving and advancing my conditioning training.

                          thank you for putting me in contact with him.
                          Do or do not there is no try.


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