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  • punches and hand forms

    Recently, but before I started my WuShu learning, I suffered a major injury from punching someone in the hip. It's really embarassing, but I haven't regained full range of motion for the first finger yet.

    I went to the doktor, who said, thankfully, that nothing was broken, but that I have massive bone bruising in my hand. This was quite obvious though, as myy hand looks like a purple jaguar right now.

    It's getting better however, and I want to learn from my mistakes.

    My teacher told me that the way to puch was with your first two knuckles on the first two fingers, so lower your fist slightly, and bend it slightly away. Also drop your shoulder. I've also noticed, since I really am not that great a fighter (I bare-knuckle sometimes, but no martial arts before now) that sometimes my wrist bends when I hit. This hurts, and is also embarassing.

    I was wondering, what is the proper way to punch (if this is incorrect.)

    Also, what are some other hand forms to use for striking, and what stances/positions/situations do you use them in?

    Thank you for any help you bestow upon a humble beginner who has given up fighting, save in the case of self defense.

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    edit: to clarify

    he said, the top knuckles on the first two fingers, not both sets on both fingers


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      I don't think it's my place to advise you with actual punching since most of the experience I have in that area is with bags and I'm also really a relative beginner. But it sounds like you have a limp wrist , which can be cured by simply doing all your pushups and such on your fists as opposed to your palms. It’s a little harder but worth it. Practice punching [heavy] bags with gloves - it'll jar up your hands at first, but again, you'll get used to it. Like everything else, it'll improve with practice. Don't rush it.

      Another important thing to remember is that most of the power comes from the waist. Make sure you practice turning your waist into the punch if you want power.




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        To add to Lipster's post, try starting off with a lighter heavy bag(25 or 40 lb.) to begin with. Sometimes people try to start off too heavy(like with the 75 or 100 lb bag) and injure their wrists. Also in addition to the gloves, I would recommend you obtain some hand wraps. These greatly increase the stability of your wrists when you are punching the bag. In addition to the knuckle pushups and heavy bag hitting, try building up the strength of the wrists and forearms. A very simple but effective exercise is crumpling up newspaper. Start off with the corner of a page in your hand. Crumple it up only using the hand holding it and after it is crumpled up, squeeze it as tight as you can into a tight ball. Hold the squeeze for 5-8 seconds. Good luck to you.


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          you can always punch a dead cow
          "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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            hitting bags or focus pads are a good way to practise punching... but dont use full power until your wrist is stronger and technique is better. Also doing pushups on the knuckles can help, even laying the fist against a wall and leaning some of your weight on the punching arm. All these help to show the wrist howe to be aligned and get stronger.

            Sometimes the wrist can buckle a) coz u have a weak wrist, or b) because your angle and technique is wrong. Even a mixture of the 2 in my experience.

            Also depending on how you are punching tells us which knuckles you need to use... a boxing punch or a karate punch for eg. use the first 2 knuckles, whereas a wing chun kung fu punch uses the bottom 3 generally, or even some the "phoenix eye", which is the extended index finger knuckle. it all depends where and how you will be hitting.

            Just practise and dont worry about hitting full power yet - practise, practise, practise! Gradually your technique and alignment will get much better and stronger

            simple and natural is my method,
            true and sincere is my principle --Tse Sigung


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