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Sifu'less Daoist in need of instruction in staff, taiji sword, and the Xi Sui Jing!!!

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  • Sifu'less Daoist in need of instruction in staff, taiji sword, and the Xi Sui Jing!!!

    Can anyone help a brother out here? I have no car, no money to spare, and no qualified sifu's that I'm aware of who live in my area. I'm just starting to learn staff and taiji sword, and so I'd greatly appreciate any advice anyone can offer on the matter. I'd also greatly appreciate anyone sending me links for good, free, instructional info online.

    Also though, I've recently started training the Xi Sui Jing. It has not been easy, as I'm sure anyone who knows what I'm talking about knows all too well. If anyone can give me any advice (besides be patient, do not get too "enthralled by the scenery", and the other usual comments. Not that these aren't good advise but they are the only things anyone seems to tell me, so its fair to say I comprehend them) on the begining stages of the Xi Sui Jing, or even just share their experiences with me, I'd be quite greatful.

    And another thing, is it ok to practice water path small circulation to lead qi up the spinal cord even if you have not opened the three gates in the spine? (namely the weilu, jiaji, and icantrecallthenameofthelastcavity) I fractured my tailbone as a child and though I've had some small success working through the weilu cavity in sitting meditation, I'm still unable to completely open the cavity. Any advice or shared experience on this matter would also be appreciated.
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    where do you live, i must've missed that part in the thread. i'm sorry people keep telling you to have patience, but truth is, that's the key to mastery. Patience and endurance. most things taught in the world of kungfu, are challenging. patience helps you to center your focus, and endurance helps you to better understand yourself, and the world around you.

    I understand a lot of people to believe that no one in their area, teaches martial arts properly, or something to that affect., I'd say look around for a minute or two, if you found it, someone close to you found it too. do a search on this site, see if doc has posted any sword forms, for tai chi.

    and i would do the same thing for xi sui jing, search the site, see what doc has and go from there.
    at worst, he may have a vid of what not to do, but at best, he may have some personal notes to share
    and some good vids. I hear tell, this doc guy is one of dem dere kungfu guys!!! lol, but the site is huge, as you well know, so a search might do you justice.




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      just remember dao, be patient. and try not to get too "enthralled by the scenery".


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        As far as the area goes, I posted that when I was living in the woods, on the east coast, almost two years ago. Things have changed a bit since then...

        Now there's plenty of good teachers in west LA (and 100 times as many McDojo's) , but I don't feel like paying for any of them. Except for the guy I train wing tsun with that is..... and the medical qigong classes at school.
        Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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          lol, I remembered this from like 2 years ago... lol...

          glad someone finally talked to you dao, I was thinking you might feel lonely after all that time.
          practice wu de


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            When I first read that post, I almost didn't think it was you, djj. It didn't even sound like how you posted at all.
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              wish i coulda' been there for you sooner. if i had known no one was talking to you, i would have ignored you too!!! with my trying to be helpful a** . lol




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                best thing to do is to go check out all the schools and see which one youlike, and if they don't interest you theres nothing they can do


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