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Hey, i need a help with a movie...

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  • Hey, i need a help with a movie...

    I am a Brazian Guy, with loves Kung Fu, and don't Speak english very well.
    I get a movie in Youtube, called Shaolin Kung Fu Skills, this one:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Shaolin Kong Fu Skills - Part I[/ame]
    This is the part two:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Shaolin Kong Fu Skills - Part II[/ame]

    Well, this is the best movie i got, and i know the name in portuguese:
    Kung Fu - Corpo, Mente e Alma
    Translated to english is:
    Kung Fu - Body, Mind and Soul
    But i don't encontered in internet the movie, only to buy in a site in portuguese, but is to far from my state, and i like to know the real name, in the isohunt i got 8,5% of the movie, but its stop because its only have leecher not Seeder.

    Any guys got the name or the link to full movie (any language)?
    Please-se, email me if got. Thanks for the help.

    If anyone knows the movie or have watched the clips, talk in the board, if the board is in the incorrect local, warn me in e-mail to localize him in the new board.

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    yo, brazil rocks.

    that documentary is good aswell lolo. i think u can download it on limewire for free. i downloaded it awhile ago on my old computer, but i havent looked for it since then, im sure somewhere on a file sharing program u can get it for free. and i dunno the name of it, someone here does

    viva brazil lolo
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      the chinese name is "shaolin zhen gongfu" 少林真功夫, which means "the real gongfu of shaolin", from 1994.

      it can be downloaded on almost any file sharing program by entering those chinese characters. just copy and paste. i think i got mine years back using emule.


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        Thanks, anybody knows other great movies? Of training too? And what more are demonstred in this movie?
        Err, i'm ambusing, but if anyone gets the link, send it to me in this topic ok? My internet connection is 156 kbs or 128, and i gonna work 7:00 hours back 17:00 hours, wait a friend to induze him to pratice and go to Kung Fu Eagle Claw 19:00 and back 22:30 (by foot).
        Er, what word i use before the numbers of hours, to indicate the time that i left?
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          i know alot of great movies, they have diff names sometimes though heres some my favorites;

          fist of the white lotus
          mad monkey kung fu
          magnificent butcher
          invincible armor
          master killer(36th chamber of shaolin)
          martial club
          shaolin vs wutang
          the mystery of chess boxing
          shaolin vs lama
          executioners from shaolin
          master of the flying guilotine
          the 5 deadly venoms
          drunken master
          snake in eagles shadow
          hells wind staff
          challenge of the masters
          born invincible

          im forgetting alot of the ones i like right now, thats a decent list though
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            i think what he's looking for is documentaries.


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              I was looking for everutgung, but separe it correctly if is documentary, movie trash (hollywood), etc ok?
              Thanks for the help.
              IRON EGGS SKILL!


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                Hey, i watched the movie, its great, and i recomend some movies:
                - Ong Bak 1
                - Ong Bak 2
                - Fearless


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                  yep, those are some good ones
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