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  • HI-dden applications

    Hi to all the shaolins in the forum.


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    Unlocking Hidden Movements in Forms

    Dear Forum,
    I apologize in advance for my poor english.

    Let's unlock step by step and movement by movement the hidden applications of:

    Xiao Hong Quan
    Tong Bei Quan
    Pao Quan
    Da hong Quan

    Xiao Hong Quan
    [ame=""]YouTube - Xiao Hong Quan Video[/ame]

    Movement 1

    Application 1 :
    Application 2:
    Application 3 :
    Application 4 :
    Application 5 :
    After we come up with 5 good applications we will move to the next movement.
    I hope you like the systematic idea.

    Thanks for helping


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      im game, sounds like fun!

      the high and low block, you see it in alot of styles. applications i can think of blocking a grown kick, the bong sau can be used however u want, all our blocks are strikes or "aggresively" doesnt mean im just trying to hit u with a block though, could be aggresively bridgeing etc could also be soft or for setup or just something you do if your high gate is attacked by surprise
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        0:18. the part just before the palm thrust is a Qin Na movement. Dont know how familiar everyone is with the formitself, but for that coiling part before the palm thrust, there is a wrist leverage mechanism.

        suppose someone grabs your left forearm with their right hand your palm is facing generally down and their knuckles facing the same direction as the back of your hand if it is straight. when your right hand wraps around the wrist area of your left wrist (decheng really implements whis whole body for this part, i wish there was a video of him doing a palm thrust on here), it can wrap around the opponent's grabbing hand. the un-coiling then is a matter of peeling their hand off you by using the center of your body to move them to where

        A) they can not hit you in the face as easily

        B) you cantwist the hand you've captured. the opponent's right arm will rotate counter clockwise to you, and if you continue the motion they will either lose balance and tilt to your left or try maintain balance but experience intense twisting pain in their right wrist.

        The arm twisting their right wrist is the arm that ends up pulling back towards the waist in the palm thrust.

        The thrusting palm can be used to cross over their upper chest/lower neck area and drop them to the ground, or as a strike while you hold their twisted hand.

        In fact, depending on how good of a grip your qian na has on them, you can anipulate their whole posture and do alllll sorts of things.

        I feel however, that a much more productive thing to be learned here is that the manipulations also have a creative aspect (as opposed to the destructive one described above). The tendons of much of your opponent's (who in this case is your patient, actually) upper thoracic and brachial area can be stretched rather nicely.

        In addition, the other arm can apply pressure on certain parts of the body in conjunction with the twist so that the tension is sent to other locations and can be used to alleviate muscular, joint and tendon pain depending on how you apply the technique.

        You can also help your paient stretch this way by using the ribs as leverage points to stretch the muscles around the shoulder. get the patient to co-operate with you by maintaining straight arms as you cross them over the chest. When you fish around a little with this, you will eventually nail it.

        Just be very gentle.



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          how about the two postures as one technique?

          1) "white cloud covers peak" (chin.: báiyún gàidǐng 白云盖顶)

          defense against a front choke or grab with two hands.

          your right hand pushes up under the opponents left elbow, while your left hand pulls down from the outside of their right elbow (squeezing pressure points).

          this is continued in the next posture.

          2) "bow step pushing palm" (chin.: gōngbù tuīzhǎng 弓步推掌)

          continuing from the previous setup, pulling down on the left and pushing up on the right causes the opponent's upper body to lean to your left. at this point you lift your left foot and hook behind their right knee, effectively bending it, causing them to lose all balance and begin to fall.

          next you let go with your left hand and bring it under your right hand, behind their raised left arm. you then use your left forearm and palm to push at their upper arm/shoulder and side (you can use your right hand at this point too) as you step into gongbu (bow stance) and continue pushing them to the ground.


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            Another application

            Dear forum,
            I have been busy in the last weeks i am now.
            I hope now we begin to work harder togheter.
            Thanks for your answers, they are very interesting.
            I can contribute with one of the hidden applications I know before to go to on to the next move.

            A punch to the low section is blocked with the palm of left hand ( the left palm pushes it up) and stopped with the back of right hand ( the right hand push down). :-)



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              we need two more applications before to go on

              the bong sau interpretation is very interesting...I think it is correct,
              ( i also imagined it so ).
              So if 2 people ( at least ) in a complicate matter like this come to the same conclusion....maybe it could be right.



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                thanks dogchow108,
                very good explanation.



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                  Aniway i would like to stay on the 017.
                  The itself has at least 2 more applications , before pushing up the right palm and down the left.



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                    oh yeh, even though its a high block doesnt mean its a bong sau but..whatever it has the same energy

                    but i was wrong about my app, at second glance i see it isnt a high low block its whatever they said it was although i dont really see what they say
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