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Black dragon coils around the pillar

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  • Black dragon coils around the pillar

    Also known as the Spin up/ Kip up 360. I have also seen a breakdancing term used mini mill.

    I was trying to figure out if the basic variation of the move entails your legs traveling over your sholder backwards.

    If I start laying down with my toes in the south and head in the north eyes facing south.
    After my "up."
    Are my toes now in the north, head south, eyes facing south.

    In this scenario if someone pushes me onto the floor, I would get up and face her.

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    If she pushes you onto the floor there might be a good reason to stay down there.

    and btw I have no clue what technique your talking about but it sounds like I wouldn't care.
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      Lol. I probably should stay down: she seems tough.

      The pinyang is Wulong Jiaozhu. Don't have the chinese.
      I haven't found a good video showing the technique.


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        I think the tech your describing is the one where your do like a whirlwind type movement with your legs and kip up or just get up.

        There are alot of variations of that one the more conservative one is done by some martial artists and the bboy version or Capoeira they usually flex the legs all the way out instead of keeping them bent and tucked, unless we're talking about different things then disregard that.

        anyway I looked for what I thought you were talking about and found this video, guys doing kip ups @ machu pichu what a lucky bastard.
        "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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          I did see this one. I was referencing a version that I guess is found in wu shu (bboy too maybe?).

          Poor description in my original post. Let me try again.
          Lay on your back head at 12 and feet at 6 (am or pm, your choice).

          To start swing the right leg counterclock wise.
          I have conflicting instruction from here.

          I believe your raising your legs/back off the ground as you approach 12 oclock with your right leg.
          The left leg swings too with the momentum created by the right leg.
          You are at a straddle split with your legs at 3 (left) and 9 (right) while the only piece touching the floor is shoulders.

          Your legs then coil in the air.
          The coil motion travels down the body and forces you over on your shoulder.

          And thats when I am lost.
          I have tried to push up with my hands and I end up facing down in a push up position, legs at 12 head at 6.



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            You lost me, but I dont do the acrobatic stuff anyway so its easy to confuse me.
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              I hear you, I am confused also. All assistance is appreciated.
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                I think I may have found it:

                Can anyone confirm Star Kip = Wulong Jiaozhu?

                I assumed a start from the floor and an upright standing finish.
                The guy(?) in the video seems to fall over at the end.


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                  Dunno the chinese but I thought you might be talking about that one, they do one like that in drunken fist to. The way he did it was just the leg swirl I mentioned earlier into a kip up only he twisted his torso on the way up, thats why he landed so funny, I've seen better but I dont do that shit, so cant comment on details.
                  "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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