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    Hey all, i was wondering if anyone knows where i can download some footage of Chen Style Xiao Jia Taiji. i found a short clip of Chen Peishan doing the Yi Lu, which is the form i'm learning. i have like ten or so postures before i finish learning the sequence, and i've been looking around for some footage to compare what my stuff looks like. I'm pretty impressed by this one, it corresponds almost EXACTLY with what i have been learning but it stops literally right before the movements that interest me to see. Anyway, I'm really interested in finding this stuff, so any help would be very highly appreciated.



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    sorry dont know anywhere... i know there are some VCD you can get with it on though... if u want i can dig around for it?

    the small frame is generally pretty rare as far as i know, as most of the chen comes from Chenjiagou so they just teach lao jia and xin jia (old and new frame).

    if you find a good link post it up - would love to compare it with the Chen my Sifu teaches

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      yea...that link i have is a fraction of the yi teacher dosent know the cannon fist of Xiao Jia, but he does know the old frame system from his time with Chen ZhengLei.

      if i find anything i will also put it up here, but thanks for the reply.

      as for VCD's i was looking at that one on, but i dont like that the guy on the cover is doing cover hand and punch as if he's doing one of the newer forms. that and its like 3 cd's long.


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