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what i noticed about every picture of yongxin

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  • what i noticed about every picture of yongxin

    Has anybody else noticed that he NEVER smiles?? Out of all the pictures I've seen of him, he was never smiling. All the monks around him are usually pretty happy looking except him.

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    I wouldn't be happy if I was a fat monk and couldn't do Gong Fu with the rest of them...


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      Hmmm, I wonder what the chances are of him standing down from abbot within the next decade... I can only be hopeful. Unless of course he is trying to do something good for shaolin... but then again.


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        Originally posted by xing_jian108
        I wouldn't be happy if I was a fat monk and couldn't do Gong Fu with the rest of them...

        He can't really do too much Gong Fu, because of his medical condition. Myself and Doc remember him from before he became Abbot. He was always winded very fast and couldn't complete too much training. Maybe he does not smile because he realizes what he misses, and can't do anything about it.



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          Maybe that is his motive behind the whole 'i don't like the gongfu monks' thing, because he is jealous.


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            Hmm, have you ever met Yong Xin personally?
            and who are you to judge others?

            The first time I met with him he was verry nice and was actually smiling alot. When he saw me and my Shifu in the tempel he shined up like a sun and left the Hong Kong ministers that he was with at the moment to welcome us.

            I dont meen anything thisrespectfull , I just mean that maybe you should give him a chance before you judge him


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              I, actually kind of like the guy. He's been most interesting during his evolution, to say the least, and I think he truly means well.

              Just my opinion.
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                Admittedly I haven't researched every source, but from what information I've read a lot of what he's doing seems to be in the Shaolin Temple's interest, although perhaps the whole situation could have been dealt with a little less heavy handedness. A lot of people don't like change and growth is painful.

                The only time I've seen him smile is at the end of an interview on the Shaolin Weel of life (perhaps he was glad it was over!)
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                  this is not a kung fu movie. he's not the bad guy.


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                    true true true


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                      Is Shaolin still making a move to more traditional gongfu?

                      Maybe the whole monk hopefuls have to go to the buddhist university is a move to try and get shaolin on a more Buddhist focus as it was originally intended to be as was stated by someone else. *shrug*


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                        i guess people are caught between two paradigms here; in decideing whether the actions of abbott YongXin have been "good" or "bad"..

                        should he be doing things to help/enhance shaolin Buddhism? Martial arts? Tradition altogether? i think that only in the first, yongxin has really done anything worth notice. other than that, i really think he's failed in things such as preserving the traditional arts, promoting Shaolin's tradition of openness (if you aint got slanty eyes you cant be a monk/if you didnt graduate from beijing buddhist uiversity you're not good enough to be a monk) or really giving substantial reason for his becoming not just a suitable person but a candidate to begin with for his position.

                        thats my opinion on him from what ive understood. i havent spent hours compiling info on him because i really have more important stuff to do; so draw what you will about the validity of the conclusion. hell i could be completely wrong, meet the guy, and totally change my opinion of him. i just dont like the communist style of his actions.

                        as to his personality- never met the guy.


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                          I always figured that one who has meditated enough should understand the benefits of openness and all that good stuff.


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                            i just wish you could distinguish real from fake in whats going fact, in kung fu in general.


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                              I say all of us in the forum crew unite and make a trip to go have a talk with him! hahaha...
                              a true gongfu system must have the four major aspects of combat to be complete, "striking", "Kicking", Chin'na (joint-locking), and Shuai-Jiao (Wrestling)... in addition it must combine the internal with the external...


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