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New Shaolin Temple in NY

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  • New Shaolin Temple in NY

    I just read this on Shi Guolins website.

    May 03, 2003

    The Venerables Shi Yong Xu and Shi Yan Chang of the Shaolin Temple of the United States and the Venerable Shi Guolin of the Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters request the pleasure of your company to attend the opening ceremony of the Shaolin Temple of the United States (Bodhidharma Meditation Center) on Saturday, May 3, 2003 (2547 Buddhist Calendar), at 10 AM. The Shaolin Temple of the United States is located at 102-44 43rd Avenue in Corona (Queens) NY

    Anyone know anything about it?

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    Arhat just emailed me some info about YanChang; he might know more. Last I had heard, Yanchang was in Hong Kong, after having an unsuccessful run with a temple somewhere in Brooklyn. Interesting that he surface with Guolin; I wasn't sure Yanchang was on Yongxin's Christmas list anymore.

    Keep us posted if you can.
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      Shi Yan Chang

      Yes I had heard through the grapevine that Shi Yan Chang had been in just occured to me that this might not be the Shi Yan Chang we think it is...I cruised over to Shi Guolin's site but there isn't really any info beyond what's here...
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