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Accupuncture.. does it really work?

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    Originally posted by Firbolg
    Having loads of needles inserted doesn't sound like fun and the idea that it actually does any good seems far fetched but it appears to be damn popular all over the world so does it really work?

    Perhaps even more important - does it hurt??

    The needles can hurt.

    Does acupuncture work depends alot on the person it is being performed on. Acupuncture will change and affect the things it is supposed to change and affect.

    IMO, Acupuncture was designed for people in a particular state of health. People like Asian people who have a deep understanding of the body.

    IMO, Acupuncture may not be so helpful for people who are not in good shape. If the person's body is not in the proper shape, then the effects of the acupuncture are so small that they do not have the intended benefit.

    Depending on the person, it would be much better for them to perform something like Tai Chi or anything else that will train their body into it's proper configuration, instead of going to acupuncture. Then, once their body is aligned and opened, the small changes that acupuncture causes will have their intended effect.

    The above is maybe a little strongly worded. Maybe a little too much theoretical.

    If you want to go to acupuncture, go. The experience is worth it. The exposure to the people at an acupuncture clinic will be good for you. The acupuncture will help to alleviate whatever health problems you may have. Don't forget the herbs either. You want to get the full experience so you can judge for yourself the difference between chinese medicine and western medicine.


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      good acupuncturist

      if you live in the bay area this guy is a very successful acupuncturist, and martial artist.


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        Accupuncture does work though the way it is practised today I find it to be unessasarly invasive. It was originally done with pine needles. Rotating the needle at the point; clockwise to strengthen and tonify and counterclockwise to sedate. For gung fu injuries I prefer Qi Gong and utilize the services of a local woman trained in Qi Gong who refuse money as she thinks that corrupts the treatment. I also prefer using a woman for treatment for as the Yellow Emperor's classic states: yin can nourish yin, yin can nouris yang, yang can nourish yin but yang tends to destroy yang.
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