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    so, does anyone reading these forums have any experience in applying any TCM?

    if so id like to learn more about:

    TCM - massage therapy

    bone setting


    im also REALLY interested in anyones direct experience with current or past shaolin healing methods

    incidentally this is an attempt to get this section of the forum going..i doubt ill be successful everyone seems like they all wanna be jet li incarnate nowadays..but meh i gotta try, my growing passion for the subject wouldnt let me "just forget about it"

    ~~peace and chicken grease~~
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    Well, I too am interested in TCM? There is a highly respectable college near where I live. Called Midwest College of Oriental Medicine(I think so, it's been a while since I recieved mail from them.) They offer the TCM curriculum and an acupuncture curriculum and a combined curriculum. Didn't get too into though. I was just slightly curious, so I'm afraid I'm not too much help. Bah, you're useless Wasiqi. You could always find out more about it from them!


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      I am currently doing massage. Not specifically tui-na yet but I hope to evolve onto it once my current studies are over. I do some shiatsu, which is kinda based around tcm. As I understand it, it may be reasonably close to tui-na but not sure at the moment.
      I have a few friends who do practise tcm regularly(as in it is their only source of income.) It is one of those subjects which you grow into, and grow up with. There are so many aspects to it that it is amasing.
      The herbalist side of it is quite fun. My friend who is a herbalist has helped me to understand a few herbs which are good for me to use, not only for myself but for others with my massage. This means that I grow my own herbs as well, it is a wonderful feeling to be able to make people feel better with your own grown herbs.

      I am so new toall this though, were tcm to be the size of our galaxy I probably only know a pin-heads worth.
      Hopefully there may be others here who also have some experience.

      Om mani peme hung.


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        yo harry!


        when you say you currently do massage does that mean pretty young chinese girls are teaching you how to make someone fall asleep during the "healing" session or do you learn about energy points/lakes-streams etc do they teach you how to actually heal common colds..the flu..stuff like that and how bout increasing energy flow do they mention any of this kinda stuff?

        what kind of techniques are involved? is it like more then just rubbing or is it squeezing at certain times..pushing..pinching etc?

        things like that i wanna know basically..

        so ty for reply anyway! oh its great to hear someone actually practices this stuff!
        "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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          AKAIK there are a few good books out on "tui na" and "massage therapy"... i flicked thru a few at a book store. they covered what techniques to use and points etc.

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          true and sincere is my principle --Tse Sigung


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            ive read alot about it aswell..i just wanna here some explanations from a practitioner

            does it really it over time..etc etc

            stuff like that..does this technique speed up this process..does this move reverse energy flow bla bla..i just want to know more!

            "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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              I would love to be massaging to or by pretty young chinese ladies. It wouldn't do much for my vow of celibacy though(which is actually up for renewal soon, so I may go looking for young chinese ladies to practise on )
              Mostly I get a mixture of men and ladies, but you cannot think of them so much in that way when you do the massage. You need to keep focused on the problem.
              My friends have used their stuff on me, it works well. (It is the energy point type stuff.) I find that herbs are almost as good(sometimes too good if I mix them wrong!!). I think it is best left to someone who knows what they are doing. As I said, I know very little, but hope to learn properly later.


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                I want to study TCM after I finish my school.... the only problem is how to find a good school.....
                but hey, we've got a careers counsellor for that


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                  Tell you what Maestro, I'll give you a full report in december when I've finsished my first semester of study.
                  And damn might I just say there is an exceptional female student body at this school, actually there are a few of em. All the better for practicing acupressure eh?
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                    so limme get something straight you study TCM directly from UCONN or do you just happen to live in storrs?
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                      I've picked up a little tui-na... kinda cool, my roomate calls it eagle claw
                      practice wu de


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                        Maestro, to put it quite simply, um no.

                        I'm transferring into a four year masters degree program (masters of science in traditional oriental medicine) and moving to southern california in ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, roughly 7 days now. So like I said, I'll give you a full report after my first semester of study. Classes start Sept. 25
                        Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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                          For anyone interested in seriously studying chinese medicine (ie studying for a degree, namely a masters) anyone with 60 + credits from an accredited university who meets the application standards of the school they apply to can get into a masters program in chinese medicine in the united states right now. Go to for a listing of accredited schools. Warning, you will have to pass state or national acupuncture licensure board exams immediatly after graduation if you intend to practice medicine legally.
                          Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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                            sounds like a plan
                            "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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                              School is going great. I'm near the end of my first quarter of study and I've learned more from being sick and going into the clinic while asking lots of questions than you could possibly learn from class alone.

                              I've learned why you dont take tonifying herbs, ESPECIALLY ginseng (whether chinese, korean, or american. Siberian ginseng is ok because it harmonizes not tonifies) when you're just starting to get sick. It traps an otherwise external pathogen into the body and then sthrengthens you and the pathogen simultaneously, thus prolonging the the fight between your wei qi and the pernicious qi. My teacher calls it "trapping the robber in the house".

                              I've learned more about points, and actions of the points, and just how much stuff you can do with acupressure, than i could possibly hope to wright in one or any number of posts. And this is just one quarter out of sixteen in the next four years.

                              I've also learned that the vast majority of americans have liver qi stagnation, and that PMS is not normal. PMS is a pathological issue, normally indicative of liver problems.

                              If anyone wants, I'll give ya'll the information for two of my textbooks, one with the whole pharmacopia of herbs, and one with all the points their actions and indications. Neither book is cheap though. That's all for the moment, the floor is now open for specific questions.
                              Show me a man who has forgotten words, so that I can have a word with him.


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