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What is Herbal Medicine?

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  • What is Herbal Medicine?

    Herbal medicine is an ancient system of medicine that utilises seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers of plants. Herbal medicine is sometimes referred to as phytomedicine or botanical medicine.

    Unlike orthodox (western/modern) medicine, herbal medicine is not just based in science, but has a strong component of art. It balances the art & science of medicine.

    The Skills of herbalists have developed long before the science-based machines that go ‘beep’, and the skills of the doctor had to be far greater than simply looking at the blood test results from the pathology lab.

    The herbalist has to be able to look at the physical, mental and spiritual health of the patient to interpret their state of health. That is not to say that modern day herbalists do not use technology. Of course they do, they use auroscopes, stethoscopes, and a variety of other technology, which is commonly used by a GP (orthodox general practitioner or MD – medical doctor).

    As a doctor of Chinese medicine I am often looking at X-rays, blood test results and other test results that patients present to me. I also send patients for specific tests. After all, why not use technology if it can be of assistance in the treatment of my patient?

    As a scientist, I also like to use these types of tests to get scientific validation that my treatments are working – why not, after all if I can actually measure the success of treatment why not do so.

    A herbalist is also uniquely qualified to make natural herbal skin and personal care products, as their knowledge include an in-depth understanding of the skin and its needs.

    In short, herbal medicine is a valid, safe and effective system of medicine that combines the art and science of medicine and uses plant-based materials to treat in individual’s health problems.

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    Herbal medicine

    Wow thanks for sharing.... but in Chinese people they use lots of herbal medicines which cure very soon than having tablets... they follow the tradition of making herbal medicines....

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