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Thread: Northern China Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in Si Ping / Ji Lin

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    u shold contact doc directly, and check out de yangs school if u havent already.

    apparently zhang li pengs father teaches aswell, id inquire about that to if i was u
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    Basically the cost of the wushu guan and or the school where your(Doc) master resides seem cost prohibitive at 80 dollars a day. This price seems out of line with what things should cost in China. (that works out to be 4800 dollars for 2 months).
    According to this post the cost of training (with food and room) at dechengs place is only $30/day for less than 60 days or $45/day if you stay at the hotel.

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    Got this email concerning the school at Siping. Just thought I'd pass it on:

    I'm in China at the moment and I got a few questions for ya. Im in Siping and as promised, the school is a worthless Chinese fat camp for tourists. I'm gonna be leaving in another month and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about DeCheng's school. Most specifically about whether or not it can get me a residence permit. I've got an X-type student visa and apparently I require a residence permit to remain legal. Advice?
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    did they teach karate?

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