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Site Announcements and Technical Support
READ THIS! Information on how to best use the various areas of the forums, including update notifications, site tech support, and other pearls of unrelated and absolutely useless pearls of wisdom, from the forum super administrator. (Admin posting only).
Sub-Forums: Site Problems, Questions and Suggestions
Discussion of site problems, changes, needs, and requests; including the various libraries, forums, interactive areas, store and communications services.
Discussion Forum (26/163)
Russbo Education Corp / russboasia Announcements
Announcements and activities and seminars that will be provided by the Russbo Education Corporation and russboasia. (Admin posting only).
Guest Log
Just visiting us? Leave your thoughts about the web site here. Forum registration is not required in this section.
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968 2,057
Bulletin Board and Community Announcements
Dedicated towards opening communications in the Shaolin community, concerning current and future events, and other relevant happenings. These events are offered by groups and organizations in the Shaolin community; post your upcoming event here.
Topics: 1,494 Posts: 2,851
1,494 2,851
"Ask The Gang!" The Community Shaolin Hotline and Requests for Information
Dedicated solely towards providing a mechanism for you, the visitor and participant, to request and provide information, to and from, the Shaolin community. Got a question? Post it here and let the gang figure it out.
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440 3,381
"Hi doc!" Email of the Month...
Dedicated to you, the people who ultimately are responsible for this endeavor. Emails sent to me, from you. Some of the weirdness and wackiness that I've come to expect over the years.... Keep me entertained and keep those emails coming!
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149 737
Doc's Hate Mail. "They hate me, they really do." Sniff....
Dedicated to all of you who completely abhor me and everything I do. Enclosed are emails from the bastions of hell. Bring it on baby, I can handle it!
Topics: 188 Posts: 429
188 429
"Dear doc..." Questions directed solely to the great bald one...
Dedicated to you, the one with the questions. Need information or assistance on whatever, from the guy who knows nothing, imagines everything, and tells all? Ask me here.
Topics: 259 Posts: 1,696
259 1,696
Doc's Hospital: The Health Forum
Dedicated towards enlightening discussions of various health issues related to martial arts training, and otherwise... No free medical advice, just educational discussions.
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327 2,191
Community Poll Survey Area
An area specifically designed for surveys in the community.
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119 455
by binkey
Personalities and Community Members
Dedicated towards a productive social interaction with the people who make all of this happen. Afraid of using the personals section? Introduce yourselves to us here and get to know the gang here.
Topics: 183 Posts: 1,085
183 1,085
Asia Travel: Important Notices and Alerts
Contains information about important related and relevant events concerning travel to Asia, including travel to Shaolin and China. (Admin posting only).
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91 177
Travel Companions and Training Partners
Looking for someone to travel to Shaolin, China, or, Asia with? List your request for China bus buddies here.
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75 165
In Memoriam
Dedicated to the memory of our fallen comrades and beloved members of the Shaolin community.
Pets (11/55)
Current Events
Dedicated solely towards an informative and educational discussion concerning the current political and world events that affect our lives.
Topics: 404 Posts: 3,248
404 3,248
Media and the Martial Arts
Dedicated towards discussion concerning the various related theatrical, cinematic, and literary vehicles, and their effect upon martial arts tradition, history, and training.
Topics: 158 Posts: 982
158 982
China / Asia Travel
Dedicated towards a discussion revolving around the various aspects of travel within China and other parts of Asia.
Topics: 87 Posts: 665
87 665
Weird News
Weird news from around the world.
Topics: 397 Posts: 817
397 817
General Bullshit
It's just that. Keep the other topics pure. For anything else you want to talk about, put it here. Organize your bullshit well now...
Shaolin Bullshit (80/315)
Weird Bullshit (95/588)
The Shaolin Monks and Related Personages
Dedicated solely to discussions concerning the various monks, pretend to be monks, and other individuals, related to Shaolin.
Topics: 211 Posts: 2,756
211 2,756
Shaolin History
Dedicated to the discussion of the history of the Shaolin Temple, and of Shaolin Gong Fu.
Topics: 91 Posts: 467
91 467
Shaolin Temple Politics
Dedicated to discussions revolving around the current political situation of the Shaolin Temple, and in China, in general.
Topics: 124 Posts: 716
124 716
Shaolin Gong Fu
Dedicated to discussions revolving around the various technical aspects of Shaolin gong fu, and how it is historically related to other martial arts.
Topics: 339 Posts: 2,690
339 2,690
Shaolin Training Concepts
Dedicated to discussions concerning the various technical aspects of Shaolin gong fu training, including methods, training aids, and inspirational training ideas.
Topics: 153 Posts: 1,721
153 1,721
Shaolin Gong Fu Schools
Dedicated towards a fruitful and enlightening discussion concerning the benefits and disadvantages of various international Shaolin schools.
Topics: 231 Posts: 2,516
231 2,516
Shaolin Journals
Dedicated to you, the intrepid visitor to Shaolin, and your interesting and educational foray into "Shaolin land". Tell us your stories here.
Topics: 63 Posts: 373
63 373
Shaolin Topics
Dedicated towards discussions concerning various issues presented in the Topics section of the site.
Topics: 63 Posts: 403
63 403
Tai Ji
Dedicated to the discussion of the various aspects of, and training in, Tai Ji, and related endeavors.
Topics: 79 Posts: 444
79 444
Qi Gong: Theory, practice, concerns.
Dedicated to a diescussion of the various aspects, and training in, qi gong.
Topics: 94 Posts: 1,125
94 1,125
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dedicated towards a discussion of the various aspects of TCM including acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, herbal remedies and others.
Topics: 92 Posts: 585
92 585
Shaolin Temple Travel Information
Dedicated towards providing relevant information concerning travel to, from, and within the Shaolin Temple area.
Topics: 57 Posts: 143
57 143
Dedicated to an educational discussion of Buddhist thought, history, beliefs, and concepts.
The Definitions (44/168)
The Concepts (35/408)
Meditation (22/140)
Ancient Eastern Oriental Thought
Dedicated to discussions concerning ancient Eastern Oriental thought, beliefs, philosophies, and concepts.
Confucianism (18/31)
Taoism (19/142)
Parables (16/81)
Chinese Languages
Dedicated towards discussions concerning Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese languages, including ancient Chinese languages.
Cantonese (10/15)
Mandarin (19/100)
Chinese History
Dedicated to an educational discussion of contemporary and ancient Chinese history
Other Chinese Related Martial Arts
Dedicated to discussions revolving around martial arts practices that are primarily Chinese arts influenced.
Topics: 93 Posts: 789
93 789
Other Okinawan/Japanese Related Martial Arts
Dedicated to discussions revolving around martial arts practices that tend to be heavily Japanese or Okinawan arts influenced.
Topics: 93 Posts: 572
93 572
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Dedicated to discussions concerning the techniques, practice, and uses of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Topics: 47 Posts: 162
47 162
Mixed Martial Arts
Dedicated to discussions revolving around various practices of mixed martial arts, including grappling, boxing, general mayhem, and big bald bouncer steroid crazed dude stuff.
Topics: 153 Posts: 745
153 745
Fugue:Doc's Interpretation of Life
Devoted towards an insightful evaluation and most indubitably misguided interpretation of life events and other nonsensical bullshit happenings in the world, from the inciteful one.
Topics: 91 Posts: 626
91 626
The Monk Chronicles
Life with Doc. The unadulterated adventures of Shi Xing Wei, Shi De Cheng, et al, in Las Vegas...
Topics: 51 Posts: 268
51 268
Shaolin Satire
Dedicated towards the promotion of some nonsensical satirical story telling, involving some of the key characters of Shaolin. No offense should be taken or inferred. Read at your own risk, and feel free to contribute!
Topics: 49 Posts: 211
49 211
Doc's Love Shack
Need useless advice on all types of "affairs of the heart"? Share that problem with the resident experts. We may not know what we're doing, but we'll have fun helping you! Beware. Advice in this column should not be taken seriously! Or, ta
Topics: 66 Posts: 458
66 458
Doc's Rubber Room
For all of you sick puppies out there who want to share your lack of normalcy with the rest of us. Share with us your jokes, humor, or nuttiness; the more distorted and warped, the more entertaining. Bring it on!
Topics: 148 Posts: 666
148 666
russboasia International Training Center
Discussions and information concerning russboasia International Training Center in Thailand.
Topics: 82 Posts: 472
82 472
Audio Library
A collection of various audio files for your perusal and enjoyment
Video Library
A collection of streamed and downloadable video files for your perusal and enjoyment. LATEST verson of QuickTime is necessary for streaming video.
Tai Ji Videos (10/39)
The Funny Shit (23/43)
Slideshow Library
A collection of streamed slideshows. QuickTime 6 is necessary.
China Travel (16/17)
Asia Travel (2/20)
Book Library
A collection of electronic books for your reading enjoyment and education. Adobe Acrobat Reader necessary.
File Library
A collection of other types of files.