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Thread: In search of the Colliseum

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    In search of the Colliseum

    Quick question about the Colliseum, where exactly can you find it by navigating through I usually have to back track through history to find the URL, or click on ppl's Conquests to find it. But is there an easier way to find it? Ive had a good look through the menus such as Member Services and such, maybe im blind, but I just cant find it anywhere.


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    There's lots of information about how to use this evolving, and, now, complicated, forum, in the Announcements and Technical Support section. Sorry it's such a mess, but once you get used to it, it's kind of fun.

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    Ahh thanks for that doc, this is one of the first forums ive actually been part of, but so far its all been good fun.


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    Hey Doc, I created my own my links, but for some reason I have the colliseum doubled up in My Links.

    This is what I have put in the My Links section of User Cp/Options


    I had to take out all the opening/closing brackets to show what I put in.

    Google doesnt double up, only Colliseum.
    Any thoughts?

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    Don't add a link to the Colliseum. I already "added" that, in the software. That's why you now see two of them.

    Remember, since you're not a super member, you have to buy an Arcade Pass in the Forum Market to play. And, remain active here, so that you keep earning those docdollars. So, you can buy more Arcade Passes....
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    Ahh sweet, yeah I thought I did buy one the other day, im pretty sure it hasnt expired yet.

    Thanks and ill stop bothering you now hehe


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