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Thread: Music and Training

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    I think enya sucks ass. Are you guys serious? I didn't know men listened to enya.

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    Music while practicing serious Martial Arts is a bad idea imho.
    If you just do sports or aerobic you might be fine but serious martial arts require 100-200% of your attention. Keep the ambient as natural and peaceful as possible.

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    If you had a personal theme song that would play ambiently around you at socially critical moments, what would it be?
    Easy, "Gimme Shelter" by the Stones. That song never gets old.

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    Socially critical moments, eh? Well, that can be anything. I'll send you a mixtape...can you get me my own soundtrack?
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    Eye of the tiger... if i ever became a prize fighter, i would haff to have eye of the tiger as my entrance
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    When I train outside, which I do as much as possible, I do not listen to any music. When training inside and grappling, the Vegas CD by Crystal Method. Although, there are many I days I don't listen to anything. When boxing, I listen to some cuban music a friend gave me.
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    When I'm working out at home (I don't have any portable music player for the gym or whatever) and have the luxury of music, I play a lot of hip hop and classical. It isn't uncommon to workout to opera.
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