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Thread: Commentary on recent events at Las Vegas school

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    Commentary on recent events at Las Vegas school

    From one of the directors of the Shaolin Temple Wushu Guan, in Henan China:
    Dear Dr.Richard Russell: How are you !

    When I heard that the monk - Shi Xing Wei-will decide to get married,I am also very angry about it.Now I think you must arrange him to leave your school or send him to another place,otherwise he will invade and occupy your school after he get the green Card from the government.You will loss more money at that time.

    Now I have some sugestions for you:

    1,When you decide to invite the monks to your school for teaching,you will invite the old monks,not yong monks.

    2,The monks will stay there for 1--3 months,not long time.

    3,When some monks returns to his country,you will invite another monks to go there again.

    4,You can cooperate with me or Shi De Cheng to organize your students to Shaolin for training every year.....
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    From a russbo regular who shall remain anonymous:
    As for XW, it is really disgusting to see, what people are able and willing to do, just to get their own benefit. I'm sorry for you and all the people involved, who helped him to get started in the states, and who are defamed by him now. It surely was a painful experience, but it also showed the true nature of the "smiling buddha faces".
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    Another regular:
    Other than that, how are things for you? Feeling better, maybe? Less pressure? So, XingWei got married…what a little douchebag. But that only gives him a green card, no? Either way, lame move on his part, and just another one of those things that makes more and more difficult to defend these guys when people atempt to rag on them. In my opinion, his ass should be sent back to DengFeng where, as you always said, he would be “freezing his balls off”.

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    Hi Richard,

    How are you? I hope this email finds you and everyone well.

    When I went to your website today, I read, "...the tainting of Russbo Education Corporation by Xing Wei's recent violation of his US visa agreement is another." What happened?? I have not been in contact with Xing xxxx recently (I am on the road for work), so have no clue about the latest news. If you have time, care to clue me in?

    He left. In june, he told the students that Kevin and I were bad people, that I wasn't paying him, and that Kevin was doing a bad job of running the school for him.

    Sixty percent of the students disappeared.

    July 1, after he got his check in the mail, he disappeared. Think he's living with his girlfriend, a student at the school.

    Student base has been decimated, most students (as I was told) are appalled at his behavior.They have a really bad idea as to what a shaolin monk is now....

    Hi Richard,

    Wow - that sounds bad.

    Has anyone gone looking for XW? A few days ago I asked Xing xxxx if he knew where XW went, and he said that he had not heard any news since the last "not very happy" phone call - but that one of his students read somewhere that XW was gone. Xing xxxx had me verify the information, which I did since I read it on your website. So I guess everyone is just sitting back waiting for XW's phone call - if there ever will be one.

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    xing wei is a bitch
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    the power of *****

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    A very powerful and insightful email, concerning recent events. I have made the sender anonymous, as per the usual routine here. Notice the (ever recurring) concept of marriage, among other things.

    Hey Doc,
    I want to visit you no matter those bad things happening to you, just to meet you, because I had to meet you someday.
    You're a very good person and I really like the way you are. Shit happens.
    But as your far friend I would like to be there and show some support, if you accept.
    I have visa I can go anytime you have time. Take care and stay cool!
    Yea, shit happens, as you well know. The whole thing continues to worsen, as evidence of the defamation continues and the effort to take our students, what's left of them, evolves. It's being successful; we're being destroyed.

    So, we move on. I'm really not sure what's going to be left of the school, not sure if Decheng will get his US visa now that our company has a black mark on it (with Xingwei's leaving), and it all seems to be coming to an end. Well, it was fun.

    Dearest Doctor,

    Please don't say that you're destroyed, because you're not. We always learn from hard experiences. You have to check in what part you're guilty of what's happening to you. It doesn't mean that you can't trust in people anymore, but maybe you've been spoiling people you want to help, it happens all the time. I'm just like you in a way, I used to help anybody even if they didn't ask me to, so sometimes I took their problems with me.

    Personally, I was wrong because I didn't let people grow around me. People know that you will help in anything, until it's like you should help them, do u understand? oh God my english sucks! but you're a very intelligent man, u know what I mean.

    So, life sometimes is telling you to stop in anything, this is when shit happens, hahahaha.

    Talking about asians, that's another story man, and I don't want to be xenofobic or something, but dont' forget that my husband is chinese. When his student brought him to xxxxx, I knew that for him to leave or go to other place should be a matter of time. We didn't care because we only wanted to learn from him one year. But he said he fell in love with me, I've thought: he wants to stay in xxxxxx, no problem I will help him. So I got married with him. Can u see? I sacrificed TOO MUCH because of my Shaolin dreams, hahahaha. Specially because I didn't want to get married in my whole life. Anyway I thought that he would leave someday, unafortunately, never happened!! hahahahahahahahahaha.

    Asians don't care about what they have to do (even prostitution) or cheat people in order to have money, they see the goal, they never see the way, or they never see who are they going to use. Of course is not all the people, but MOST of them are like that. Some asians check what kind of house you have or how can they have a benefit from your friendship, believe me, just like Cubans, they know how passionate some people are, so they take the opportunity to get out from their prison-country. In xxxxxxxx we have this story almost everyday. A lot of people got married with Cubans, colombians, etc. ONce they got in xxxxxxxx, they just run away. Sometimes get lost even when they just got in the airport!!!

    Another thing: asians listen to their people. They are like very close do u know? so sometimes they give bad advices. My husband works selling chinese watches. I don't like this at all, he's a very good teacher in Kung-fu, but his family is very poor and I understand, but he could make money from teaching, but he saw a lot of chinese making good money from this things, so he's also in, oh and they help each other, when convenient.

    You don't have to know about my private life, hahaha. but most of my boyfriends were asian (I don't know what in the hell I like of them) But trust me, is not a people you can trust so easy, and they will NEVER trust in you, they have their own opinion about no asian people, hahahaha. They seem to be so friendly, but they're not, they're very smart, they can see so long in the future what they can get from you. Remember Heming? well he used to talk in a very bad way about "americans" (well you know that most of the people that are not american do, hahahaha). Whatever, americans means dollars to them.

    I can't complain too much about my husband, suddenly he started to talk shit about asians here, and he helped a lot of people that wanted to be with a chinese or to make business with them. He always tell me: "ask your friend not to make business with that chinese man he's lying", or "ask that lady not to bring that chinese man, I've talked to him, he will use her to come here, then he will be gone because he's married".

    As you said, you gave them TOO MUCH, so this was your mistake, but please don't say you're destroyed, because you're not. There are a lot of people that even we don't know you personally, we know about your efforts and your dream about a real Shaolin in Vegas. This is going to happen, you just need to do things in another way, and stop doing what you were doing, don't help them like your brothers, they were working for YOU, not you for them, okay?

    Oh Doc, that's what I feel identified with you. We're so nice and good people! hahahahahaha. But some stupid ones confuse that.

    Take care dear Doctor! keep in touch.

    Experienced Community organizer. Yeah, let's choose him to run the free world. It will be historic. What could possibly go wrong...

    "You're just a jaded cynical mother****er...." Jeffpeg

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    I can't say I agree with all the opinions in the last email...some are wacky, but there are quite a number of remarks that, though aren't often outright said, are pretty accurate... It's just sad. cause the reason foreigner are used so much essentially comes down to the stereotypes people have of us. And more often then not we don't see it till it's too late.

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