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Thread: Buddhism in practice, in China & on Russbo & BTL

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    Quote Originally Posted by liutangsanzang View Post
    Kirttimukha? U r being too esoteric for me Arhat.

    But if he is the Pinochet style i am not sure i want to give him my body. Many people i surely dont want them to eat me .

    And about starvation, some wonders if we are not going on a worldwide food crisis with rising prices. Vegetarianism being space and energy saving could be an answer though.
    Regardless of the saving money-point, you just can't force it down their throats. People will do what they want to do, and when they want to do it. Using Peta as support for vegan and non-violent lifestyle is as LFJ says, hypocritical.

    I remember one story that really pissed me off about these animal activists. Apparently a research lab, I forgot where in the U.S., had discovered that one of it's rats had developed a special immunity to carcinogens (that which leads to cancer), and were making studies off of it. However, some activists decided it was time to free the animals and that rat was lost for good.

    I heard the story word of mouth, so I don't have many details about it, but when it's people like that who ruin things that may help the people I know and care about overcome things like cancer, it upsets me. Why should my loved ones die because people like that feel like they need to "save" animals?
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    That's alright. considering LFJ's lifestyle, I find his use of his interperatations of buddhism and dharma as a reason for alot of stuff , including vegetarianism, equally hypocritical.

    nevermind just pick and choose the bits you want to live by.

    I heard on the news last night that australia is apparently following america into this new recession. do you ppl not understand how survival parameters are central to buddha dharma??
    I think animals need to be pooped into our soil for the homeostatic balance to be maintained and corrected anyway. plain and simple science, so, I really have to believe that anyone in extremist radical opposition, just doesn't understand the simple dynamic. therefore, they speak shit and rant and rave. we get that. when foliage booms, animals respond likewise because there's food. when there's too many animals pooping, it grows too much foliage and we end up in noahs boat. some of you might like to try a less emotive and more clinical reasoning on occassion perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by liutangsanzang View Post
    Kirttimukha? U r being too esoteric for me Arhat.

    But if he is the Pinochet style i am not sure i want to give him my body. Many people i surely dont want them to eat me .
    it's nothing esoteric, it's the way. take heart it doesn't require your understanding anyway as you don't have any choice, you're already consecrated to him since birth. the way you have been carrying on about meat eating and compassion i just thought you would have the most compassion out of all of us and decide to feed your meat sooner rather than later to all the starving...
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    Quote Originally Posted by blooming tianshi lotus View Post
    considering LFJ's lifestyle,
    seriously, how the f#$& do you know anything about my lifestyle?

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