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Thread: The De Evolution of traditinal Shaolin martial arts

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    Thats a pretty accurate description
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestro View Post
    i dont really wanna get in another whats a monk arguement, espcially since shaolin "monks" can do what no other monk can in the my knowledge anyway, and that is have sex, drink alcohol, eat meat and live outside the temple lolo.
    not that i want to join such an argument (again), but this statement is not quite accurate.

    the term "shaolin monk" can refer to all levels of monastics in shaolin, but a basic understanding of shaolin monasticism, which includes five different levels, should be clear, i think, so as not to judge all levels of monastics in shaolin by the definition of only one.

    those you are referring to are the warrior monks, who take only five lay precepts and observe ten while on temple grounds. so, they've never really taken precepts against any of that. (and many who claim warrior monk status have not taken any precepts whatsoever, so its even more difficult to judge)

    so you cant compare them at all to buddhist monks around the world who are fully ordained. its like comparing any lay buddhist practitioner with a fully ordained monk, since the precept levels of warrior monks are secular.

    however, there are fully ordained monks in shaolin who have taken precepts against sex, alcohol, meat, etc.. those you see much less of because they are in the temple practicing buddhism, not on the world stage dancing gongfu.

    to say all "shaolin monks" can have sex, eat meat, drink alcohol etc. is really quite inaccurate.

    so lets just be clear.

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    i can understand that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Cross View Post
    Aside from whether or not they are monks, which they are not, I just don't think they had any place on that show. Wushu is not really just dancing. How is Wushu dancing? Wushu is the evolution of a fighting art into an artistic expression that still has martial applications. Dancing is the evolution of trying to get laid. It's "Look at me! I am better than this other guy. Now lets have sex" Of course sine they are "shaolin" thats probably what they are thinking.
    Hahahaahahaa!!!! Iron cross speaks for Master-Lu as well on this one!
    IC is himself a proper shaolin monk just like me. Hahahahahahaaa

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    Monk or Not

    What is a monk or what is not has been beaten sufficiently to dead here.

    However, in regards to this a quote attributed to Bill Gates comes to mind.

    While the quote originally referred to software, it can be applied here to.

    "Superior Marketing beats Product Flaws any time"


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