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Thread: Who is pulling the strings of shaolin temple? Shi Yongxin or ___?

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    I haven't seen this car there the last two years, well but others. Maybe he is using it in Beijing? Maybe he was asked or offered to drive around in it for a while ...? How do you know that he bought it?
    By the way, last century I was driving around in a Roll's Royce through Zürich for a while (because I wanted to do someone a favour),- but I never had a car myself.
    The street in the picture just looks as interesting as any normal street in Dengfeng. What is astonishing is it's cleanness. In the area directly around the temple I haven't found an amusement-park,- but a lot of greenery. Also some terrible brainwash, which came from the cableway-station not far from the temple. As far as I know, Shaolin-temple / Shi Yongxin may sometimes have some influance on, but in no way the final decision about what happens in the area around the temple. He asked for to stop the constant and monotone amituofo-hymn that comes from the cableway-station and fills the air of half the valley all day, but without success...
    Do you have the adress of the villa? Can you get it?

    Capitalism will save China as much as it has saved the rest of the world, just look at the Gulf of Mexico now (of course things are not much better in Europe) ... -- I still hope for a third try, no capitalism, no communism, maybe something new ... ("despair is as deceptive as hope" Lu Xun)

    Don't cry over my lost time! First Shi Yongxin surely doesn't need me to back him, second there is noone, for which I don't have any critics (including me).
    Also there are some friends, who tell me how things look like from the Not-Shi-Yongxins-breed-corner, all the fun and so,- I guess you know one of them ...

    To all of you!
    Meanwhile I feel a bit pushed into a corner, which I never belonged to. I never wrote and never will write serenades about the intensitiy of Shi Yongxin's eyes or his glory, but I also try not to accuse him with things that I cannot proove. If you want to know what I consider worth critisizing of Shi Yongxin's Shaolin-tempel-politiks, you can read some of it (not all) in my tiny German blog:

    Thanks for taking your time to listen.


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    I don't have the address of the villa(s) (if they exist). Maybe that's why my Christmas cards go unanswered every year.

    That brown Mercedes was ten years ago. He's had a few replacements since then. Hell, I don't know many people that continue driving the same car for over ten years. Other than me, and a couple of my cheap doctor friends.

    The street in that picture is gone. That was the old Dengfeng village before it was torn down, to make way for Shaolin Disneyland. Oh, the good old days, how I remember bringing dates to those quaint little restaurants on that street....
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