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Thread: Wuwei si

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    is that a chinese word but you aren't typing the characters? sorry, otherwise i don't know the term. i would need the characters to answer...etc..

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    lolo? well i dont know the character for the moment and dont want to know them... u know what gave the japanese koan, though i understand koan is more restricted than gongan, no?

    other dali stores:

    buy nutritio complement without animal. ask the seller. fuwuyuan? she says no anima, check it, of course there is... can u explain me what is her motivatio or goal? spread paranoia and mental disease? not easy to trust people for me in that case


    1 do u think the crowded fishes in the little aquarium r happy?
    do u want me to give u the same happiness?

    2 These fishes seem to worry, fear, have some kind of neurosis, please dont kill them.

    Didnt she answer they BELONG to ME, i will KILL ????
    Namo Guan Yin Pusa / Dont create suffering / Dont harm animals!

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