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Thread: Shi YanZhang's School in China

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    ive never recieved any formal training with chi and the like but i and a friend can feel and mess around with what we think is chi (tingly warm energy that you can will to move around) and he can drain mine when he tries and i can sometimes do it to his. BUT we can only do it when the other person is using their chi the rest of the time you cant feel theres to steal so i think that is a useless skill in everyday life but i think it might help you against an internal martial artist if you're really good. (it takes us about ten minutes of playing with our chi before we can do it).

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    I used to play with my girlfriends chi and she used to drain mine.. then I married her and the chi flow stopped.. now she just drains my bank account

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    that's amazing

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    Smile Shi Yan Zhangs School

    I would just like to echo the previous comment on Shifu Yan Zhang's school.

    It really is a good school and I enjoyed the winter that I spent there.

    Blessing to all.

    Shaolin Oxford.

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    wogboy Guest

    Seeing that there hasn't been a post on this thread for a while, I was just wondering if everything's still like it was described, seeing how fast things change in China.

    Is the price for Yan Zhang's school still 2500RMB? Still located in Beijing?

    I've checked out their website, but it wasn't available in English,or I just didn't find it.
    I also wrote them a email 2 or 3 weeks ago without reply.

    Can anyone update me on this school? Thanks.

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    Good luck. I have no idea. Schools come and go faster than one can keep up with.
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    has anyone been there

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    Greetings Bai WanXi: later (I am typing from my iPhone, a bit slow, and my TaiTai is almost home. She is from Hong Kong. Not a GongFu girl. That's 2 strikes), so like later I will contribute much too this wonderful communique. Especially in training & travel to China. I will be making my 18th trek to China soon. Ha. This time I am after a really real GongFu TaiJi companion. I left home age 15. I found, well no it never works that way, my ShiFu GAO ShouLing found me. I lived and trained with him for 8yrs. He adopted me into his family the old Chinese traditional way. Hence my name: GaoLuohan ZuanHu. Then I found my 2nd Sifu Pai Tao Chi'Li who is Grandson Master under Grandmaster Pai LoLung. Then he found me. Said be at his home by midnight, or he will not teach me. Everybody mad at me, I flew the coop overnight. I lived and trained wit GM Pai for 5.5 years. His Qi is oh so real. I will give story's later. Those years would begin: 1968 and 1976/1977 and in 1988 I trained 7 years under GM Tsai ChiYuan. One of the Greatest fighting masters on the planet. So is his son now. Master Tsai WaySun. Like I am very spoiled. I never learned from a KwaiLo. (non-Chinese). I KNOW STUFF. I am now age 59/60 in Dec. I m soon to be know again, as I am fighting in MMA Cage Fights. Now to your proper comments. I wish I could talk Pan QingFu into playing in a few cage fights. The MMA would be shocked. I met him in Canada about age 52/55. Now he is age 67/69/70 not sir. He will knock anybody out with his "Iron Fist". When I visit his home in Kitchener. Just during our casual conversatio, QingFu is smacking away on his plates of steel. His knuckles are pounding away, in a rhythm actually, as we talk. He has these metal plates all over his home. In every nook and corner. All sizes. With this talent and Iron Fist skill. The Chinese Government folks. Asked Pan QingFu to go capture the bad face gang people. He did. He went without weapons. He not only took out the leaders, but also knocked out any gang guys standing around. The count. Pan QingFu took out 23 gangs in one year. He put about 70/80 unconscious. The others. Toward the end. Gave up and bowed to Iron Fist Pan when they saw him coming. About 30/40. It is also correct. Pan does not teach nor practice any mystical stuff. He has not the experience. So he does not believe in it. I asked him. However. He knows it exists. He knew who my ShiFu were. He knew they had great power and real ability. He cares not for such thins. Pan QingFu will teach you train train train. Sleep is a waste of time. He is also very humorous. Later. ShiFu Gao

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