Hello Sifu Doc...

I would like to know about Spider Boxing !!,,....What does the spider claw looks like and the stances ???...where do they strikes at ??

best regards


Sifu doc?

I sense much confusion.

With regards to this "spider" boxing, I've never heard of it in Shaolin. And, I just asked Shi Xing Wei, Shi Xing Ying, and Shi De Cheng about "spider boxing" in traditional Shaolin.

Decheng laughed. Again. He still thinks the bear chuan is funny.

I think he's starting to wonder where I'm getting these questions. And Xingying thinks we can create a spider boxing style. Not sure how, but, knowing him, he'll make something up that looks great.

So, no, in traditional Shaolin gong fu, you won't find spider boxing. But, knowing the martial arts world out there, no doubt, someone has created it and added it to their armamentarium.

Sifu doc. Hmmmm. Not as nice as "great bald one". And, inappropriate. Let's not use that one in the future, ok?