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    Well let's take another look at this. Zach, you said you rarely meet the peaceful type who do so from meditation. That is similar to people watching the news and saying that there are only bad things happening in the world. Just because we don't see them, doesn't mean they are there. I agree with you that I also don't see peaceful gurus, how exactly does one go about determining this?

    If they were peaceful and content, they wouldn't go around bragging about it. For instance, look at BL vs DDJ. Dao seems like a reasonably peaceful and chill guy, who does a lot of meditation type things. BL does a lot of meditation as well, but look at her...
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      well exatly, LYF. i'm sure they are there. my position isn't that meditation makes you crazy; my position is more that it doesn't really do anything to your demeanor in the long-term. so i would expect about the same proportion of sane people to crazies in the meditating world as the regular population.

      aside from that, it does seem in my personal experience as if meditation attracts people that are already kinda whacko. but i was really just talking about my personal experience, i have no idea if that's the case in the rest of the world, and it's not really a firm belief of mine.