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    Sorry I just like the taste of meat. Its a quality protein source with all the essential amino acids and it tastes damn good. the few days I've gone without eating meat I've felt the worst. Maybe it was a temporary thing, I dont know. Still I felt weak and sore all day. I actually experimented with veggie days to see how I would feel, and I didnt like the results.
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      ive actually just started trying to be a vegetarian, not completely i guess cause i know sooner or later i will end up eating meat, but the thought of eating meat covered in shit which is all of it apparently doesnt sit well with me..or how they grow the animals with genetics and shit, the cruelity doesnt sit well with me either

      fast food i gave up on awhile ago..once in a great while i dont have a choice but i dont ever really eat it, its horrible. but imho all of it is nowadays.

      the only meat i really eat is the deer meat i get venison i cant spell it but whatever that and u know fish and stuff we catch or lobster etc
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        If you're going to start down the "ethical eating" road, venison would be an excellent choice of meat, because a lot of places in the U.S. (especially tne Northeast) have deer overpopulation problems that threaten humans, because they like to stand in the middle of roads and get hit by cars, because they're stupid. Deer, that is.

        Anyway, venison would be an excellent choice for that reason, but turns out it's not legal to hunt deer for profit in the U.S., so almost all our commercial venison comes from New Zealand. Fun fact.

        Sorry for the tangent. Anyway I somewhat recently had a vegetarian kick that lasted around four months. I never really had a problem with the basic premise of an animal getting killed to feed me, but there are other legitimate ethical concerns involved with eating meat, which I'm sure Liu has covered in tedious detail here, like the environment and the treatment of our future meals.

        So, I made the switch and gave myself a good pat on the back. But before long I realized I was obsessively thinking about every resource I used. What started as a simple decision not to eat meat extended to wrestling with my justifications for eating dairy; I would watch my friends to make sure they turned off lights (or kept them on, depending on the kind of bulb); and I would wince every time I threw out a piece of paper at work, etc., etc.

        I'm sure Liu would see all of these as positive developments. I, however, fortunately recognized the early symptoms of completely losing my mind. This could only end in me cursing myself for every bite I take when after all there are Starving Kids in Africa. Basically, I was becoming Liu.

        So I said **** it. Try to be modest in what you take, try not to be an asshole, but remember your life is about you,* and you have every right to enjoy it. And for me, that includes enjoying a medium rare porterhouse from time to time.

        *(Whatever John McCain says. Unrelated political dig.)


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          yeh i live in connecticut, i see deer all the time, in my yard, in the road, at work it doesnt matter they go where they please. i also live with a hunter who knows hunters and he gets venison alot. ive been eating it for a long time actually probably atleast half my life

          the reason i dont want to eat supermarket meat is the fact that all the factory processed meat is shit, litterally covered in shit and later sprayed down, but still covered in shit lolo that is disgusting. i dont like the idea of the cruelity to animals but it will never end so im not gonna go be an activist or give a **** i just wont eat that shit.

          from time to time maybe, i will miss chicken..god do i love chicken i dont know what it is but its so good, i will miss my chicken wings and tyson chicken and all the good chicken.

          either way its no big deal to me i just gotta find the time to sit down and find out recipes and stuff i can eat thats relatively cheap and tastes good. vitamins and protein are also something im not worried about but i need to figure out what has what in it. i just found out that microwaving broccoli takes all the vitamins and good stuff out of it lolo
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