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    Well, if u r ineterested in hinduism i guess u r a ware of the relation between krsna, rama, hanuman  and gandhi??

    For me there is a vicious circle in animal sufferi ng that brings to war... Not talking about egui (s anskrite:preta, pali:peta, englis:hungry gho sts)

    I am really amazed how people take risks with anim al suffering. If later they have problem with hitl er or pretas, what can i do for them? My stupid fe eling is that if u dont know if what u eat or what  use is free from violence towards anima and u tak e risks, u put urself into a vicious circle of ign orance. Personally if i think i dont know the karm a i m creating is non violent or not, i most of th e time avoid it, i think

    To go from ignorance to knowledge, seems to me u s hould avoid any risk and fully realize what is "i  dont know". And i think it also needs a lot of act ions (cf the problematic of maximum service and ka rma in the bagavad gita and the stupid gandhi comm entary) to end the suffering and ignorance of anim als and pretas.



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