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"Is there life after death?" Discussion related to reincarnation.

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    I have no explanations for the phenomenon i experienced. It just increased my faith in Tara/Guan Yin. For sometimes, even before that, i kind of feel this energy of compassion in my life. It also increase my faith in the bodhisattva theory and the importance of the bodhisattva vows. I took mine with the 14 Dalai Lama at Bodh Gaya. I would recommend this ceremony even if i dont know if i am not a buddhist because it is full of good intentions.

    By the way in China they believe Guan Yin was also a Daoist by the name of Ci Hang.Reincarnation, reincarnation...


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      Just because a large group of people believes in something, does not make it true.
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        Right majority does not make truth. It is not because many people do not believe that animals have a reincarnative soul and dont want to be killed that it is true. As Sakyamuni, or so it is said, pointed out in the Kalama sutta do not believe from a tradition, a master or a religion but believe from your own experience. It is quite a revolutionary teaching for a religion.
        Become a shaman by yourself, find the truth about animals' suffering soul.


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