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Understanding Radical Islam

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  • "I had dozens of Muslim clients who had started fires in connection with the reprinting of the Mohammed cartoons in February 2008. In therapy they explained that they wanted to show their anger as a reaction to the defamatory drawings of their prophet."

    u probably dont remember but on the old forum i once drew up a picture of buddha that made "dan" one of the wkk guys freak out and leave the forum even though he was there forever... and i remember he said our reactions would be different if it was a picture of allah or jesus which i in turn made a pic of jesus lol i remember i put a caption next to it saying "i hate all you russbo fuckers" or something like that lolo

    "Homosexuality in itself is not considered a perversity according to Western psychology - as long as it is not a result of unhealthy psychological, social or cultural circumstances. When it comes to sodomy, paedophilia and rape sex, it is. According to research conducted using the internet's largest search engine, Google, "Pakistan is top dog in searches per-person for 'horse sex' since 2004, 'donkey sex' since 2007, 'rape pictures' between 2004 and 2009, 'rape sex' since 2004, 'child sex' between 2004 and 2007 and since 2009, 'animal sex' since 2004 and 'dog sex' since 2005. ... The country also tops - or has been No. 1 - in searches for 'sex', 'camel sex', 'rape video,' 'child sex video' and some other searches that can't be printed here"."

    at first i laughed at im just disgusted, honestly muslims dont get a bad rap everywhere for no reason, and this just takes the cake, this is another example(aswell as other things mentioned in this article) of the HYPOCRISY of muslims that i was telling you about in thailand. if its one thing i cant stand is a hypocrite, by god if you ever catch me doing or saying anything of the sort slap me
    "did you ask me to consider dick with you??" blooming tianshi lotus


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